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For all your moderation issues, go to an Elder Moderator, like me.

Really, anything you deem as harm done by a moderator; PM me about it, include links where you can and if your PM was reasonable then I'll talk to the moderator. And really, you'd expect to be wrong, but if anything you say is true then there will be changes made where nescesary.

I'm sure we're all able to work things out, but I'd like to do that without messing up the forum P&P sections with 20 different topics that have nothing to do with the worlds ingame actions.


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Just want to refresh everyone on the rules of the forums. I understand that you guys have been without a forum mod for awhile, but now you have one and the rules must be followed. You can refresh yourselves on the rules Here.

Some things to just go over so we can all enjoy the forum and utilize it to its max:

English Only

Please treat each other with respect and remain polite. Do not forget that there are people of different ages and with different gaming ‘know-how’.

Posts like "In before lock" are forbidden.

Players are also forbidden to provoke the moderators against them in a deliberate way. Posts made for the purpose of creating a personal conflict between users and staff will be deleted and their author will be punished severely.

Please post answers that refer to the topic. If you cannot post a sensible answer it is better to avoid saying anything. This is particularly true for one-word-posts like "lol", "rofl", wth, qft, etcetera.

Posting Pictures
It is allowed to post pictures without any comment as long as they obviously belong to the topic of the thread. Pictures are restricted to a maximum size of 640x480 pixels. If you want to post something larger than that, please provide only the link for the picture and not the actual picture in the post.

Grammar/spelling flames
It is not allowed to rebuke another user concerning his grammar/spelling. If the grammar/spelling of a user is that bad, that the content gets lost, you can use the "report post" feature to report the post. Then an admin or mod will deal with it.

Use of private messages

Conversations, discussions and arguments between two people should be done in private. Please use the private message system in this forum or other applications (e.g. IRC, skype, ...)

Complaints about other players

To report the breaching of rules by another player please use the support system. Do not open complaint topics in the forum.

Specific rules
Be aware that some sub-forums have additional rules. Please read them before posting.

Topics and/or posts that are mainly created to advertise other websites without connection to "Tribal Wars" are forbidden.
"Referer-ID's" and thief-game-links are particularly unwanted. Discussions relating to other games are allowed.

Extreme content

Anything deemed politically extreme, pornographic, illegal, or unsavory in any way is prohibited in this game whether posted or referenced. Racist or ethnic bashing comments are forbidden even if used in gest. Comments that play down the use of illegal drugs are also forbidden.


Do not use copyrighted materials of any kind in your posts.

Reporting posts
All members have the right to report posts made by members of the forum. The function should be used only to report posts that break the rules and must be accompanied by a reason for the report. After the report has been sent it will be checked by a moderator. Abuse of the report system is prohibited and violators will be warned or in extreme cases banned.

Breaching of the assigned rules will lead to an initial warning. The creation of other accounts to evade the blocking of the forum account is not allowed and will be punished.
In very extreme cases a permanent account ban can be issued for the forum and for the game.

The moderators (mods) have the right to edit or delete posts and close topics. Please follow their instructions. Discussions about their behavior are to be held over the support system.
Every complaint or criticism regarding moderation should be voiced using the support system. If you think your request affects a large part of the community and has to be discussed in public, you can post it in the "General" forum in a non-provoking and well-phrased way.
Arguing against the Tribalwars team that violates these rules will be punished and topics that seek to create or worsen existing problems will be deleted. We reserve the right to ban players even if they haven't violated the stated forum rules.

If you notice that your post or topic was deleted, it has been removed for a good reason. Please do not rewrite it.

Thanks world 8 and lets have some fun!!
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This is a warning to all players that are posting in this forum. I will not tolerate any more rule breaking. I will no longer turn a blind eye. I have tried to compromise but it seems to be one sided in your favor. I try to appease the forum community by giving as much freedom as possible, only to get ridiculed and it thrown in my face. This is a free forum, there is no fee to post here and therefore has rules whether you think they are absurd or not. Here are some of the problematic rules that are to be followed:

All threads must be about w8.

All posts must be on topic.

Spam, advertisements, vulgar/foul language will not be tolerated.

There is to be no discussion of Moderator decisions. Any comments, questions, or concerns must be mailed to Lord-Haste or an Elder Mod.

There is to be no discussion of players cheating/breaching of rules, past or present. Any current problems with cheating, you are to send in a support ticket.

I don't mind chatting with you guys, if you have any problems or questions, or want to discuss any issues, you can message me on skype or on irc. I will not discuss infractions or anything in the public forums.

As always if you see a problem post, use the "report post" feature so it can be dealt with.
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