Require COA PP Reward


I require a COA, Any one who has one for sale or is feeling creative feel free to post. Use your imagination. PP reward available for the one I like.

Must Say the following may update with what else to say but for now this :

Heyoo W68
Heyoo W76



Can edit text if needed.
Thank you for posting, I have sent you 150 premium points because of this. I will keep my current one and save yours for the future. I don't think there are many other photoshop wizzes on this forum.



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Lol I'm basically a beginner in Photoshop.

Thought a Borderlands theme would relate to the Heyoo seeing as you didn't specify.

Do critique me if you have any comments I may edit for you.
But as you will see in other threads I generally do it in one sitting or it takes me forever to edit due to the way I have layers that become non editable (sorry GoDDeathpact ;) )