Rescue the Royalty event!

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    Rescue the Royalty!

    Dear players,

    The Royalty needs you!

    All across the land rumors spread that strange monsters have captured princes and of princesses of various kingdoms, and are holding them captive in secluded caves.
    The royal family members need heroes to come and save them, they will show their gratitude to their rescuers!


    Event start: 03.06.14

    Event end: 01.07.14

    This event will be active on all standard and casual worlds.

    Finding and defeating the monsters

    The caves where the monsters hide with their hostages will appear on the map once the event start. You can send scouts or normal units to find out what type of monster is hiding in the cave.


    But be warned! Monsters are not going to reveal themselves if you send a full army to them. They would hide and you'll miss the chance to get a good look at them. Sending one unit will yield better results, and while this particular unit might not be able to defeat that particular monster (they have special weaknesses) you should be able to get a description of the foul kidnapper, good enough to give you an idea of the proper hero to send their way.


    Once you have sent the adequate hero and slain the monster, you can bring the prince or princess back to your village

    Taking care of the Royalty

    Your villages contain rooms to receive guests of that importance, and you can have your freshly rescued princes and princesses wait in those rooms until your require their service.


    However, members of a royal family are not easy to satisfy. While they will reward you for your effort of rescuing them by helping your empire for some time for free, you will need to contribute to their well-being if you want them to stay longer, or to grant better bonuses. Different royal persons will grant different bonuses!


    Once you ask a prince or princess to help you, they will do so for 8 hours. Since you don't directly know the capabilities of the person you rescued, you might want to bribe an informant to learn more about them first!
    You can then decide to extend their service, or upgrade their bonus. Or you can decide to replace them once the time is passed with another royal helper you just rescued.

    Once the event ends all royalty members will leave their rooms, all the active royalty effects will disappear and the monsters will fade into the wild, removing the caves from the map.

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