Restriction of barbs nobling

Discussion in 'Ideas & Improvements' started by Bendis, Sep 2, 2019.

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  1. Bendis

    Bendis New Member

    Dec 26, 2016
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    I would like to play a world where the nobling of barbarians villages is restricted. This nobling restriction should be a part of the world settings.
    The restriction can be made taking into consideration
    - the time since the player joined the world (example: you can noble 1 barb per month) or
    - the villages a player owns (example: you can noble a barb as second village but then you will have the right to noble another barb after you own 5 villages, 10 villages, etc. - similar with the way you obtain paladins).

    I came with this proposal because it seems to me that new wolds resemble more and more with casual worlds. Besides that, i feel that i am fighting money and not skill. The world 109 for example started just a while ago and there are already 3 players with more than 100 villages.

    I would like a world where players wage wars, not one where the feel is that players are participating in a barbarian nobling contest.

    Thank you.
  2. JawJaw

    JawJaw Administrator Tribal Wars Team Community Management

    May 17, 2018
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    This idea is approved for voting. Good luck!
  3. cheesasaurus

    cheesasaurus Still Going Strong

    Feb 6, 2008
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    What happens when you clear somebody and they restart?
    What about nobling inactive players?
    What about taking gifted villages from active players who are going to quit?

    Interesting that these players nobling so many barbarians are also in the top of the opponents defeated rankings.

    They're not the only ones capturing a lot of barbs. That's simply what happens on church worlds.
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  4. Bendis

    Bendis New Member

    Dec 26, 2016
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    You take things to the extreme.
    I don't want to restrict the possibility of growing to the point where you can noble only green players and no one is given a second chance (the restart part). Though a world like that could be created also and i would like playing on it.

    Maybe if i tell you what made me post this proposal you will understand what i mean. I had more reasons.

    1. Imagine a player that has 3-4 villages and at some point stops growing and you think is inactive and you discover that in fact he was making coins and nobles and nobled in one day like 10 barbs around you because he wanted the achievement for great power of the day. How would you like that?
    Because i find it annoying at best. Of course I could noble those 3-4 villages but i don't feel like nobling 10 barbs of 230-750 points. And you might say i can cat those barbs and keep them down but that is a waste of time and energy i would like to avoid if possible. And he doesn't want to play on casual either.
    And if it would be just one player doing that on map ... but it seems to me that the number has grown over the years (well ... not all of them want the achievement, some have other reasons).
    And not only on church worlds.

    2. I saw more and more on small players profiles texts like "under the protection of X", basher of "Z", etc.
    And I talked with a few. I never liked the idea of basher, it seemed to me as a way of cheating and avoiding the protection given by morale to small players. So was curious why would someone be a basher instead of being his own master so to speak.
    Well, because most of them don't seek protection. They doing a favor to a friend (which might be doing the same favor to him on another world) and that favor consists in playing for a while, grab some villages, grow them and then give them to the friend at some point. Good to have lots of friends. If this is not pushing account than what is it? Hard to prove though.

    3. There are few players left that don't push their growth with premium points at the start of the world. But some do it to the extreme. And those usually noble barbs. Because, while buildings can be build faster using pp and coins can be minted easily using pp, troops can not be recruited faster using pp ... yet. (though i am afraid this will be the next step).
    I mean, do you find it ok to have a player reach 30 villages in 10 days since he joined a world?
    I know the restriction of nobling barbs will have just a small effect on this situation but better than nothing. I would have asked for a restriction in buying resources or in using pp but i did not think it would have had better chances.

    I did not asked for the restriction of barbs nobling on all worlds. Just on one from time to time. And it can be made as ratio also.
  5. annika39

    annika39 Non-stop Poster

    Dec 20, 2008
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    I'm interested...I think this needs more refining to cheesasaurus' point...
  6. Lyon.

    Lyon. Non-stop Poster

    Jun 12, 2016
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    one way to go around is that all barbs above barb average on the world are fair game..