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After 3 long years of waiting and alot of meetings with the recruiters, the military finally called. Starting the 24th of August, I will no longer be playing tribal wars. Many of you know me, some from past worlds, others from this world-I will be quitting tribal wars all togeather after 5 long years of this redundant and repetitive game, I am finally moving on in life to bigger and better things.

Im not making this post to attention seek, Im not making this post to whine or brag, Im simply making this post to let you all know that it will not be me playing after the 24th, it will be troy and my replacement, so when the account starts to go under, it wasnt me.




Captain Canada is needed by his people! Do us all proud out there in that horrible thing called real life, eh?


Good luck in real life mate. You'll be back :p they always are!


Damn u lol shouldn't have learned this from wf.... Oh well :) I've quit before... For a year

I came back lol

U know tribal wars is playable just on time off when ever u have time :)

Wait I shouldn't be talking like this on wf lol

Everyone plays games why not this game?

If u can't log in for months even Troy and ur other cos will keep it alive I won't let them go crazy ;)

U know tribalwars is playable from iPhones and androids?

Snaperay ranked 19 in w67 and he plays only from a iPhone

Yes zoogy joined me a while ago but he doesn't do much (cough)


Dammit Mason. Only met you on this world but you're a damn good player and a damn good in-game friend.

Best of luck bro.


My bet on you quitting earlier than that date, if you know what I mean ;)
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