Rejected Revival of the old continents


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Hello, I am coming from a server different from the server ( net ) and I hope you add an option in the special settings in the game that changes the language of the interface and the main page to the player’s preferred language like other different games, for example, I want the interface of this server to be similar to the interface of the German server and in German I hope my suggestion has reached you in a simple and understandable surah

In this way, it will give players of all servers the opportunity to come and play in this server and revive the ancient continents. 50 continents up to 100 continents Instead of all the worlds revolving around 4 continents only, you will gather the players of all the servers in one server and the level of enthusiasm and competition between the different tribes will increase


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There is (currently) no intention to provide other languages besides the supported ones. You can play the game on a different version (eg. for germany) if you desire another language.