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Ben, I don't quite know what to say.

Having played alongside you for some time on this world I have seen first hand how good you were. You'd always strive to do things the right way and would never do things half assed. We didn't always see eye to eye and yes sometimes you were annoying but that's what made us work. We knew how to work through our differences and reach an agreement that we both liked.

I think that's what formed our strong friendship, we both wanted what was best for our tribe and Dest was important to both of us.

If there was one thing you made me realise more than anyone is that Tribal Wars is just a game. You'd burn yourself out going absolutely ham on so many worlds, writting scripts, planning ops and helping to run tribes all while working, and I knew I just couldn't compete with that dedication. You were a star.

When we talked just the other day you told me how you'd stopped enjoying Tribal Wars a long time ago, and I feel like I need to apologise as that may be somewhat my fault.

So I'm sorry Ben, I miss you and I love you,

Ryan <3


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Such sad news, Ben I didn't know you very well but spoke to you a bit in W83, you seemed a nice person and I'm really sorry you aren't here anymore but from all the comments on this thread, you definitely won't be forgotten as you have a lot of friends here who will always remember you. My thoughts are with your friends and family in this difficult time. xx


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I never got to meet Ben, I only got to see his externals posts. So I can't say anything personal about him. However, as pointed out, we are all people. At the end of the day, each and every one of us is a real life person. We all have our own lives, our own struggles and problems. However, saying that, this is a community, and with the community seemingly getting smaller and smaller, more and more people know one another, and losing just one member of this community, this group, this family that is Tribal Wars, will likely make an impact. I've seen and heard of a number of players dying during various worlds from various causes. It sucks to hear, of course.

To Vicky, I do not know you, nor do you know me, but I wish to say I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, your co-player, and your teacher. May you not dwell on the pain and the sadness, but push forward in his honor and maintain the memories of the good times that you had with Ben. :)


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RIP Ben.

What you did for the community and the help on W83 you gave will never be replaced. We were at odds mostly on W80, but soon made up and spoke near enough daily on w83. You were such a great young vibrant person full of energy.

Prays are with you and your family.

Lots of love


am with you hodgy..and alot of our little community...
remember his your villas something that reminds you......
of a legend named ben!

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I am Honored and Bless to have known you BEN, Played 2 worlds with you not in same tribe but something always bonded.


Remembering her wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our heart. may he rest in peace !


RIP Ben.....
in TW maybe we are a enemy....
but thats make we are be big family..........
big family of TW.......
Ben is our brother.....
good bye Ben....we will miss you forever....

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Rest in peace Ben you had some great moments and were a good coplayer. Stayed up late many a time to help when asked no problem.

Also created a great website with lots of useful scripts and tips. I suggest people save it before it dies.

His site is a monument to how much he wanted to help. No one I know has contributed so positively to this community.


Your body is no longer among us but your soul, memories and all these months spent together will remain alive inside me forever. We drove up bumping for what trivial but to me you were a great player and a great person who taught me many things.

I miss you Ben.

Rest is peace