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Firstly; we've never been on good terms with Fresh, in the first week of SARCOW forming, we witnessed Fresh betray their family tribe SLAK, whilst also having the uber noob Kasparov noble several SLAK members whilst still in SLAK, all whilst allies. After this, they message several tribes around K55 and the rim, offering them strong relations if they prove their worth by taking SARCOW villages. Though these tribes were not foolish enough to wander into our fields, and forwarded me the mails instead. I offered Fresh a chance at having good terms with us by dismissing the council members that had put this plan into motion. I was told to politely 0 1 2 1 do one. So all of this provides further amusement to me, after I had just finished my laughing at the shambles that was WUS.

Guess Mnorris couldn't take the public humiliation and finally came to the understanding of how awful he is as a leader, and what a mess he made of Fresh.


Sent you over the edge? too much emotions?

Why u hef to be mad?

Could what he said be true? Or could it be that some Fresh members are being hit by the mighty TW admin hammer? Maybe it's because he realises his mass recruitment has resulted in him owning a family of tribes who know two things; how to hold down A in LA, and how to noble barbarian villages.


Firstly; Arabs? That's not a very polite way to talk about your members/friends! but hey ho, guess it's the admin hammer!


Many messages are sent to me from members of every tribe along the top 10, but this sums up Fresh' mails:


I guess it's kind of worked out for the best, I don't think I could stomach any more laughter from the indecisiveness from their leader regarding their relations in the North.

I would say "F for respects", but that flop is more embarrassing than WUS, SARCOW laughs at more internal failures amongst the top. Who's next to fall? Not this herd.



as a member from SLAK- at the time i was the DUKE this makes for good reading- and has honestly made me really happy.