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Type: Signature
Size: Whatever size a signature is
Text: The Scientist. W80
Notes: I am just looking for a new signature, was wondering if you think you can ether make a better one then the one i currently have or edit it to add it W80 and try to make it to the new signature size. The size was smaller when I got this made 4 years ago haha. Thanks for your help and no rush for mine.



General aladeen, if you want text or want anything changed in general, just let me know below!


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I need a new siggy and not had time to make my own if you fancy stretching those Photoshop fingers

Quite similar to my current one just text of Zalinor and a Knight sort of look.

Thanks Rock!

Thanks Rock I completely forgot about this post really like how the background fits into the siggy one of my worst skills is making them fit with the unusual aspect ration.

Good Job.

I may end up doing my own version in a similar style as I am unsure about the knight but it is very good


Rock you ignored my request :(
I can even give you some pp if it's good enough