Round #2026 ENS 24H Speed - Limited Haul (09.11 12:00 - 10.11 12:00)


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Dear players,

Please find the settings of this round below:

(!) This world has Limited Haul!

: 250
Unit Speed: 0.5

Morale: Inactive
Militia: Active
Attack/Support gap: Milliseconds (100)
Beginners Protection: 25 minutes
Technologies: Simple
Paladin: Inactive
Archers: Active
Church: Inactive
Academy: Coins
Tribe Limit: 5
Starting level: Level 2
Farm limit: Inactive
Fake Limit: 0%

Barbarian Villages: Grow to 3000 pts, 4/player
Bonus Villages: Yes, 2/player
Choose Starting Direction: Active

Sleep mode: Active

Sleepmode must be enabled 60 minutes in advance!
* Minimum Sleeping Time: 6 hours
* Maximum Sleeping Time: 8 hours
* Minimum Awake Time: 8 hours
* Maximum Awake Time: 12 hours

Sitting mode: Active

During speed rounds, additional game rules might apply. Please find them listed below.
  1. It is not allowed to play multiple accounts from the same device. Players on the same connection should use different devices. They should additionally declare a shared internet connection.
  2. Switching / merging accounts is not allowed. You need to end the round with the same account you have started it with.

Additional Information
  1. The first 250 players can join for free. Additional players will need to purchase a premium account.
  2. Joining the Speed world is possible from the home page. The world will be shown as 'Speed' once it has started at the opening times mentioned on this topic or on the planned rounds page.
  3. Premium is only credited to the winner once a world is archived to the Round Archive

Feedback about this round is appreciated below.


This was a fun round. Lots of balanced play, not as easy for one player to dominate the field from the start. Which is why I like no-hauls.

It was essentially a no hauls though, as opposed to a limited hauls. The limit would need to be at least 100x greater than what it was.

Something like 100.000 limit for the first hour, then 200.000, 400.000 etc etc every hour it doubles.


Tribal Wars Team
Community Management
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Alright, thanks for the feedback!
I think I forgot to take into account that the limits don't increase with the speed of the world, so it used a regular world limit :(