Roy checks out


Normally I would post these sorts of threads in my tribe forum. But as it is on w53 my tribe got disbanded some month ago and I have been pretty lost and unmotivated ever since. This has quite frankly been one of the worst tw experinces since starting in 2007 and I will be sure to try and avoid some of the ***** drama queens me and others have had to put up with during the course of this world.

I have meet some cool people however, I would like to say bye and hope I will be seeing you again to the guys in Trash, Bubbster, Kingy, Rink, Deb, Sumner and probably a few more I forgot. A big props to Gurl and Sandy for being this worlds most badass ladies. <3

Now both me and my co-player the utterly awesome fat-suit wearing Friskybird has quit and donated Static our account (Nuking.madman) since we have friends there and they seem to be the underdog in all that is currently going on. Good luck everyone!

As my co pointed out we really have had zero impact on this world and not the guys that usually deserves a thread but yeah I just wanted it to be known that the account is in new hands so a few months from now someone dont come bitching at me for doing this and that. :icon_razz:

Me and Frisky. <3
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