Rumour Has It...


Ahh yes because attempting to 'call out' your tribemates is considered a valid purpose. The funny thing is, all you have done since joining screw is hate on it. What is your problem?

Nobody cares about the externals, you're right. So why are your panties constantly in a twist amigo. You don't see us making pathetic jabs at you? Bar retaliation of course lol

You talk about growing up yet you act like a petty butthurt child. Go shape some barbs, know your role

Rumour has it some people claim they're going to rise above it, be the better man, when actually they're going to continue to act like a bitch

Speaking of being butthurt and childish while responding like a butthurt child because some one calls out you out :D


rumor is avatar getting beat down and need a life boat lol


Rumour has it your to scared to post under your own username on the externals

Footage of you trying to board our "ocean"