~Russian Force~

Discussion in 'W30 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by redwhitehero, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. redwhitehero

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    We came from russian game to get experince.And to look on new picture of TW...forgive me my language...We will accept every russian who will ask for enter and for help...And we also searching friends...I wish you FAIR PLAY!

    Мы пришли из России набраться опыта и взглянуть на новый вид ВП) Мы примем любого русского в племя и поможем ему...Так же ищем друзей...Желаю всем честной игры...:icon_eek:
  2. redwhitehero

    redwhitehero Guest


    Also we will support our slavic brothers...Serbia you are our little sister...We never forget about you!