SABRE Tribe Resists Wisdom


Greetings all,

While there is no requirement for a formal declaration on the Pnp, I feel it necessary to make things clear.

The following note was left on the shared Forum by Sumosland at the behest of Integritous the Emporer of the South:
Wise S - sumosland today at 11:58
First off, this is NOT a discussion topic so I'd ask Wisdom members to restrain themselves from posting here. Either it is accepted by SABRE or it is not, SABRE please make an official statement here.


We have concluded that the recent actions by SABRE, especially the recent recruitment and defensive help to our targets/refugees from HORDES, are unacceptable and that we will no longer tolerate such ignorance and disrespect.

From time of this post has been posted, SABRE have 24 hours to release (dismiss) all ex-members from HORDES that you have invited in the last week. Furthermore, no further support must be sent to these players, as well as all current support in their villages has to be removed by all SABRE members within 24 hours. If needed I will provide the list of all players that should be dismissed, but probably you know who you've invited from HORDES.

If the Ultimatum is accepted and followed by SABRE we can then discuss our tribes' future. If it is not accepted within 24 hours then we will react appropriately.

Your attempts to bring us close to war have worked, it's now in your hands whether or not you want the lines to be breached.


I won't go into all the gory details although no doubt Wisdom members will fill the PnP and my inbox with propaganda notes about how it's all my fault and I'm the reason SABRE is at risk. Not mention that Wisdom is lilly white and has never done anything underhanded or deceitful?

The ultimatum was placed in the General Section of SABRE Forum so all members could see it and decide what to do about it, those who did not wish to fight Wisdom have gone to Eturg who have longstanding ties with Wisdom, or to KSABRE who have yet to decide what their path is regarding Wisdom.

SABRE Family as it previously existed has fallen, Eturg has left the family although we still consider them friends as we do KSABRE members who are still part of the family but neutral.

SABRE members have chosen not to be bullied or to go down the path that Wisdom desire

and would rather fight than kowtow to Integritous or Wisdom anymore. It may not be the safe thing to do but we will fight come what may.

And we will fill the Wisdom vaults with their dead as long as we are able

SABRE has grown and changed and we have accepted members from the former HORDES as well as others who wish to fight Wisdom.

I proudly stand beside my SABRE companions as we charge Wisdom together.

I won't quit and won't stop till the falseness of wisdom is purged from our borders and we can once again breath free air.

And while it is possible that I may go into the sunset crushed by larger forces I will go knowing I took some of the enemy with me and with my head held high

Valoki of SABRE
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A nice declaration,

I hope you prepared for the war before doing this, i expect you did. Shame about the family....

Good luck to both sides, i wasnt expecting this so soon.


Takes alot of guts to take on a tribe like Wisdom, especially when not all tribes in your family are with the idea. good luck.

And I have not read up on much of this HORDES business, I thought they were a member of the SABRE family and Wisdom were allies with SABRE..I know Wisdom have always wanted to fighy HORDES but I thought they would have been allies in this case. How is it unacceptable to support a tribe that is a member of their family?


Good finely SABRE shown some courage , just fight till the end as many of us did...

And people Wisdom is a dictatorship now a shell empty inside ,dont expect anything good or honorable from them in the future , we all seen what they are about....
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Nice post Valoki. I'm happy to see another tribe that does not like to be pushed around by Wisdom. Wisdom's allies are waking up one by one and realizing what an unreliable ally Wisdom really is.

Of course the cause of all this is SABRE's bad diplomacy. :icon_rolleyes: It appears that Wisdom has had to deal with a lot of tribes that have bad diplomats... :icon_rolleyes:


typical allways thinking with your axes =)

It should be an interesting war to watch.

so just to clarify its basically the SABRE family without ETURG thats going to war? I cant picture it properly without the maps being updated.


Good finely SABRE shown some courage , just fight till the end as many of us did...

And people Wisdom is a dictatorship now a shell empty inside ,dont expect anything good or honorable from them in the future , we all seen what they are about....

Says the guy who lost 300 villages to Wisdom F. ROFL. It's far from dictatorship. Just don't be all butt hurt ay? Just keep rolling over for us thx.


I have to admit that this is a brave move from Sabre.

I wish you good luck but I have to say that as a wisdom member I will see you on the battlefield.
Ou and now I can attack brendan!!! wohoooo (how many people envy wisdom for that? )


Valoki. Hey mate. I always knew you as a bright and caloric individual. This will be interesting, as I have many friends on both sides (wisdom and saber). I'm not in atm, but anyways let the games begin! :)

brendan murphy

yeah not without me putting my brand new shiny axes to work!


Just to be clear we downgraded our alliance with Sabre to a NAP about 3 weeks ago (don't jump all over me for not remembering the exact date). It is a shame that we could not repair the damage done to our once strong bond.

I truly wish this could have been resolved peacefully, but now the course is set. Here's to meeting you on the battlefield.

brendan murphy

well , it is good to see some people are handling this professinoly instead of profoundly.

brendan murphy

yep their isn't a war around without massive flaming or it isn't a war. your war with mojo stopped because most of their flamers have been blocked.

I would just like to say may the better tribe win!


Ou and now I can attack brendan!!! wohoooo (how many people envy wisdom for that? )

As a quick estimate i would say....alot =)

why didnt sabre accept the terms? Sabre cant really helpp hordes from their location, and frankly i dont mean to sound arrogant or anything but with wisdom and the BH racing to get as many vills as they can from a fast depleting supply.....i dont think they will be around much with or without your help.

I would have just accepted the terms, its not a huge thing to ask.


well vladir pls think. after those terms there will be more terms then mroe until they declare... and jehesophgat are you sure you didnt want war? you members have been wanting it for a while now


this looks to be a good war and the winner will truly control the south.
good luck sabre


As i see it, sabre was playing with fire, by bringing a tribe into them, that we were warring.When you make diplomatic moves as this, this tells the world, you are looking for trouble, so now it has come to your door..Now the question is, how will sabre deal with this, you are loaded with refugees..and have most of the east looking down on you, and wanting you gone for this..Wisdom has beef with you, and so does the BH...