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Discussion in 'W27 General discussion:' started by Dartship, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. Dartship

    Dartship Guest

    I say we go Dragons and Cats. Everyone who doesn't have one, get a ava with a dragon or cat on it :lol:

    or other cute, fuzzy animal :lol:
  2. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest

    i almost changed my avatar to that same pic dart :icon_cool:
  3. Dartship

    Dartship Guest


    I don't even know what it is, just that it is a cat :lol:
  4. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest

    cat with fruit helmet, whats not to love?

    kitty kong was much funnier when it wasn't reduced to 80x80 :lol:
  5. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    hhhmm.. I think getting Gil, to change his/her avatar will be a bit of a challenge
  6. Dartship

    Dartship Guest

    I will do that in a few days. I will write a declaration of conspiracy :lol:
  7. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    Ooohhhh. Now i can really get to learn some more powerful secrets. :icon_razz:
  8. rockerdish

    rockerdish Contributing Poster

    Feb 8, 2009
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    Would you consider my bunny an animal?
  9. erm pikachu is a thundler

    does that work?
  10. Dartship

    Dartship Guest

    yes, and yes
  11. tacops

    tacops Guest

    lol pwnt :p
  12. rewritable

    rewritable Guest

    I could resist posting here just to break that string of animal avatars.

    If only I could understand what is that thing with a bag tacops has?
  13. XsaphiraX

    XsaphiraX Guest

    "Black" Santa's presents?:icon_confused:
  14. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    No there's 2 non-animal avatars
  15. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest

    its waldos secret helper :lol: