Say hello to old friend/enemy Kirja

Discussion in 'World 2' started by K1rja, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. loss of fait

    loss of fait Non-stop Poster

    Mar 29, 2007
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    Oh..I thought it would be the old FTR leader...forget her name..owell.
  2. Chueco

    Chueco Guest

    Hey mate, finally we can play!!!! well im too far away from you, but dont worry mauricio told me that he is playing with you, have funn ;).
  3. mauricio24

    mauricio24 Guest

    Sorry billyk_1 but tube to play (1-0) win

    Sorry (4-0) Win Jajaja
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  4. billyk_1

    billyk_1 Guest

    another PA backstabbed....
    them villages were boring anyway. wasnt really close enough.
  5. mauricio24

    mauricio24 Guest

    Sorry (4-0) Win Jajaja
  6. billyk_1

    billyk_1 Guest

    lmao, 7 days left, hehe :lol:
  7. mauricio24

    mauricio24 Guest

    Talk much Billyk_1

    (6-0) UPs hehehe
  8. i dont feel like catching up 4 pages of this...mind summarizing>?:icon_cry:
  9. hashpuppy

    hashpuppy Guest

    k1rja is back, people are scared.
  10. Ripfin

    Ripfin Part of the Furniture

    Sep 10, 2007
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    *yawn* K1rja's back? cool z z z z
  11. i feel stupid...

    i havent been playing long in this world...

    im guessing that the player is really good?
  12. hashpuppy

    hashpuppy Guest

    he's very aggressive.
  13. Tyr Hades

    Tyr Hades Guest

    Slightly. Look at the OD rankings and you'll get a hint, especially when you consider that he's been gone for, what, 2 months?
  14. ...............WOW.......


    and he was gone 2 months?

    geez....what have you guys been doing while he was gone? sleeping? :icon_razz:

    well...i think 1 of 2 things will happen...

    1>history will repeart itself and hes gonna end up being bigger then ever.

    2>ppl will noble him before he can get the chance. who wants to do 2> ? =P

    lol i am glad i wanst here to see him :icon_wink:
  15. K1rja

    K1rja Guest

    NN wrong i was out for 6 months.... :icon_wink:
  16. K1rja

    K1rja Guest

    Now im not as aggresive as i was. Simply i dont engage in this game as before. Another important point is, that im "smaller". My account was half year freezed. Others not. So they grow bigger and i not. Now every ESL village around is well defended. I lost around 30 off armies attacking some far villages of goshkin who managed to get around 70000 sp sw per village. Good defence
  17. just dont hurt >ME<:icon_wink:

    i dont have alot of :swordsman::swordsman::swordsman:

    i have the tendency to make :axemen::ram::lightcavalry:

    and i wil be honest the only thing rescricting my growth is the lack of :nobleman:i can make...

    lol i sometimes ask my tribe for some packages as i never really could save them up :icon_razz:
  18. Major Harris

    Major Harris Guest

    Hello kirja