Say it ain't so :(

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There was a minimum amount of D allowed in Krieger's villages... Sadly it went below it

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Congrats NAM :icon_smile:

Guess we'll be seeing you in the next world again RoyalE, I look forward to it.
This time I'll be in the leadership of another premade from the start ^^

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RIP In Peace RoyalE, still hope you change your mind. We haven't even sent on 50% of your members yet :(


soooo... where is Krieger now?

Oh yeah he is running away with his tail between his legs like the gran coward he is.

HE just couldn´t take losing YET ANOTHER world...

Good ridance to the worst TW player I have EVER met in my years of playing.



Krieger's strategy = make everyone hate him so he gets most of the nukes and attacks and demand the whole tribe to stack every single one of his frontline villages.

So for anyone who goes up against krieger in the future the tip is to go after his buddies who are likely to have almost zero defense in there account *cough*Goldberg*cough* as krieger make sure every single acc shoved their big fat Ds in him. After his acc's stacks goes low he deletes like a coward and start planning his Arya kill list for the next world.

W2V or not I will always come back to help kill you krieger. GG


Goodbye sweet Krieger. Once again he loses a world.. and swears his vengeance. I look forward to seeing you on the next world Kriegs... and to seeing you once again lose.
The leadership (or real lack-thereof) shown by Krieger will never win a world, and hopefully the few that still are with him realize that before they waste too much of their time. Fun world, well played NAM.


What's with royale and looking for revenge lol. Do they really carry out silly grudges?


Congrats NAM!

I like the fact they didn't waste more of your time, obviously NAM deserved the win.