Saying adios


This is the first time for me to write here and ill do my best to be quick.

With our friend canibal lady, we started playing w58 as a break from another pretty busy world we were playing, in order to relax so we fill our batteries and continue playing seriously, on the server we play for many years now.

We registered on net and w58 on 19th September 2011. Around November 2011 (we had about 20 villages that time) the mighty pro tribe Honor started attacking us. Continuesly and non stop they had their godlike (duhhh) players attacking. Honor players on the other hand, had their bashers, prom queens, pets etc attacking too in order to manage and noble at LEAST one village. Something on which they tragically failed.

During this whole time, they got upset few times, asking us why we dont quit. Well, i will answer to you right now knights of dumb. All this time in your way to climb to worlds number one place, you were unlucky to face only players who were either gave up and hand you their villages after the first wave of attacks, or players which became traitors for their tribes by giving you informations. Players whom you recruited afterwards, reaching this way worlds number 1 place, having in your crew quite a few traitors and chickens who didnt have the guts to sit and fight by their tribemates side and if lose, lose with dignity and pride. And i say you were unlucky, because this way as it seems you didnt learn most of the basics in order to play this game, without make an opponent who knows the game to laugh at the way you try to play.

We do not belong to this group of players. We play tribal wars for 8 years allmost and not a single time we betrayed our tribe so we run and hide into safety. Sorry ladies but thats not how we do it on my side of the world.

So after 6 months+ of defending we managed to reach number 13 in ODD rank. Most of these losses were gained by cut nobles mostly, except couple of weeks ago where we decided to cut all of a players nukes cuz decided come 80 hours to get villages which, our neighbour Major Muhammad failed to do so all these months. That was rude!!!!! His internet connection was kinda slow but im sure sometime it would be fast enough .... lol

We got to this point where we had nothing else to prove. We managed to defend our villages and shown to w58 number one tribe that quantity doesnt count, its quality that matters. And you lack quality. Not your fault though. But maybe you should reconsider cruiting traitors and cowards.

Closing this, i would like to say hi and show my respect to Nick and Todd. Two players with not so many villages but my advice is that you go and buy some pants from their taylor. Also, after all your effort, i have decided i give to you my villages. ofc most are 118 points now but this doesnt matter. We only demoslish them so they equal of your gameplay. You get what you deserve :)

So as a last wish i would like

Major Muhammad
Honey Badgers
Senge Pieh
De Leen
Gang gam chan

to noble my villages. The rest i dont mention, because i wouldnt hand villages to players who betrayed their tribes. And guys, some of you, shouldnt really noble barbs of 2500 points to become my neighbours, i would give my villages to you as a gift at the end :p

Cheers everyone and a last tip. Its a big mistake to add nobles 6 - 7 hours after your last nuke. If you cant put your nobles close to you nukes, ask gang gam chan to explain to you how. he was the best. His nobles were only 1 - 2 hours apart from his nukes.


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his nobles were only 1 hour or 2 hour away from his nukes that still terrible haha


Supports my own personal view that it's an incredible fluke that they are where they are.

In my opinion, Fork V Honor V Bunnies, Honor would fall first.


the only and only way for me to read a text that long is it be a mean ass declaration to my tribe. even in that case i may get bored in middle and just go check things in-game :p
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I hope I hope I can get nobles with in 2 hours of nukes. Not sure but i hope


lol i dont know why you did mention me, i barely used 5 nukes on you and not even a train was sended to you. (Senge pieh)
and anyway, why would i want a 118 pt villague? :/

My respect to you guys, you did not leave in the first wave of atacks! :lol: shame i did not take part of the action, wasnt interested in fighting a bunch of barbnoblers

and well, its true that major muhammad is having difficults to send some noble trains... :lol:

i cant believe you guys lasted that long. congratulations, you defend well.

good luck in your next world, though you dont need it


Just so that i make my self clear. The purpose of this thread isnt to humiliate or act as a smart bum to none. Its something i said i will do maybe 3+ months back. As i said we had no intention to stay in this world. We only visited to have a break from the server we play seriously and check how net players play. And i cant tell you how much we enjoyed our stay here and the great fun we had. The 8 years i play tw this was the most entertaining ingame time ever.

Dear senge pieh. The reason i mentioned ur names up there its just because ur the only honor players i know. The rest in ur tribe are recruitments, players who abandoned their tribes in order to save their skin so to me they arent worthy to be mentioned. Of course you werent the only ones to attack. All this time we were under attack by others as well in ur tribe, ur academy, some others who like to call themselves bashers and so on and so on. Im pretty sure though u didnt launch only 5 nukes as you said. Me and canibal lady keep mostly all the nukes you guys send.

Thats not the issue though. The thread was more just for fun. All these months you guys tried so hard to noble a village with no luck. So now we decided to quit, we are willing to give to you our villages. I know that now we demolished them ofc and the villages are 118 points each but hey .... its better than nothing. :p:p:p

And a request please. If you dont mind tell that guy pauldum that he aint getting a village. The poor guy is still trying lol. We still have 2 villages of 700 and 400 points and he insists on noble them. Why be greedy mr pauldum? Whats wrong with the 118 point villages???


Well odin, i sincerely like the way you gave honor a hard time. i renember somebody calling you guys "the cancer of k73" :p
have fun in the greek server (if thats what you play?) hope to play whit/against you again.

(i believe your 118 pointed will need to wait to grow back to 2500 to get conquered.. :lol:)