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Tinker McJingles

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Can we create a scavenge tab in our reports page? We have attack, defense, trade, support, events, etc. Because scavenging has become so much of the game, I think it would be beneficial for a scavenger section rather than to group them all in miscellaneous.



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Approved for voting. Good luck!

- Mr. President

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I'm not sure if it'd be that necessary, in attack and defense for example the reports are quite useful because you often do not know what is going to be the outcome of it, you might win, you might lose. In scavenging you know exactly the amount of resources you will get from the beginning, hence why I'm not voting on this one, since i do not think the scavenging reports are much useful, only use i see on them is a reminder that you need to go put your troops to scav again.

One Last Shot...

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I do feel that this is a worthwhile suggestion purely from an account organisation standpoint. Even if only to put them all into their own unique filter group to mass select and delete in a single click like we can do with other types of reports :p