Scavenging Awards

Fleezus Clyde

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So I have a few asks here......

1. First off could there be awards made for amount of Scavenging runs sent & amount of res acquired via scavenging?

Scavenger Wood (Level 1) - 500 resources gained by scavenging
Scavenger Bronze (Level 2) - 10.000 resources gained by scavenging
Scavenger Silver (Level 3) - 100.000 resources gained by scavenging
Scavenger Gold (Level 4) - 1.000.000 resources gained by scavenging

Rummager Wood (Level 1) - Scavenge 5 times
Rummager Bronze (Level 2) - Scavenge 50 times
Rummager Silver (Level 3) - Scavenge 500
Rummager Gold (Level 4) - Scavenge 5.000 times

2. Would it be possible to develop an in a day tracking for scavenging similarly to how loot/plunders are tracked?

3. When the daily awards come out maybe you could make a Scavenger of The Day and Rummager of the day :p

I think these would be fun additions to the game that also gives another award for people to win while also giving credit to players who are scavenging hard & it will also help identify players who maybe aren't farming but still are bringing in a lot of res via scavenging.


It seems like the Looter of the day includes the resources gained by scavenging?