Approved script Scavenging script - Early release

Shinko to Kuma

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On some servers they changed their scavenge object, to fix it just change the array index from 0 to 1 on line 28
var scavengeInfo = JSON.parse($('html').find('script:contains("ScavengeScreen")').html().match(/\{.*\:\{.*\:.*\}\}/g)[0]);
var scavengeInfo = JSON.parse($('html').find('script:contains("ScavengeScreen")').html().match(/\{.*\:\{.*\:.*\}\}/g)[1]);
it’s already fixed normally, I added in an exception for servers that still run on the old version too


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One suggestion, can you implement second option for time, one that is active now is to limit time not to exceed what is in time field. So can you add scavenge FOR [amount of hours] and then script will set amount of troops that are needed to scavenge for that amount of hours in highest scavenging level available, until it use enough troops to fil all, or it can add all that is left in last available scavenging level if there is not enough, no matter that one will be shorter time.


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hey I was wondering if you guys could make a an update or another script that works off of res amount? Like if I want to get 1000 res from each option and it would input the proper amount of troops instead of just time. also if it could fill as much troops as necessary for the 1st option than 2nd then 3rd and forth so that it doesnt decrease the amount to even it out across the 4 options. sorry for long post lol