Scout Report Evaluator for Periodically Farming


That script should be like this:

Before adding the script you will edit the World Speed an a Period of time by adding, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,etc (wish would mean hours), in this script, troop speed is not important at all..

Script must read a scout report, look at the Pit levels and calculate how many LC's are needed to take a resources production of lets say 2, or 4 hours. (depending in how you set it)

**Note: Its really important that this script doesn't read the "resources scouted", what is needed is only the pit levels, the world speed, with that u get the resource production every 1 hour.. then it has to be multiply by 2-4 (or any other hours you choose).. after that it has to be Divided by 80.. then we get the LC's needed for that matter..

-The extras, less important, but helpful as well, would be that it takes you to the rally point and Input the LC's when clicking it 3 times.. (like normal SRE).. But this is secondary, most important is to get the calculation (# of LC's needed).

Thanks a lot for reading, hope you can help me get this script =D!.. I had it once but dunno where I put it ;(

best regards,