Script Approval Process (Public & Private scripts)

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Dear players,

As stated in the game rules, all scripts need to be Approved by the Tribal Wars team before use. This includes scripts that you want to use privately.
In order to submit a script for approval, submit your script in this subforum. Make sure to fill in the requested, mandatory, fields appropriately, as well as your choice on public/private.

The moderator in charge of script approvals will then review your script and move it to the appropriate section. Scripts you have submitted as "private" will only be visible to the thread creator.

Please make sure to check your ongoing threads regularly; It is possible that the moderator will ask you to clarify parts of your code or ask you to make a change before it is approved. Not responding in a timely manner will lead to your script being rejected.

  1. All userscripts (greasemonkey/tampermonkey/…) or tools (such as extensions/browser addons) with similar behaviour are forbidden.
  2. Scripts can only perform one action per click with the exception of renaming commands, villages or report titles.
  3. Scripts may not interact with the Farm Assistant without specific approval from the Tribal Wars team.
  4. A script may not automatically send information or react to an event on your account.
  5. A script may not focus or click the Attack, Support or Send button on the rally point / attack confirmation page.
  6. Scripts can not send an attack on your behalf and may not be used to send troops automatically or with fewer clicks than usual.
  7. A script may not interact with the Premium Exchange.
Some things to take into account...
  1. Scripts that request data from the public information pages (eg. villages.txt) need to make sure the data is requested at most once per hour. You can use a local database or localStorage for this purpose
    1. if you fetch them through a server, we advise you use the .gz version (villages.txt.gz).
      This will save you and us some bandwith!
  2. Scripts that only fill in a form (without submitting the form/data) will be approved by default and do not require the script to be submitted for approval.
  3. All scripts need to respect the action limitation. We only allow 5 actions per second at most.
  4. Scripts that rename villages or commands need to use the quick-edit label functionality. It is forbidden to do this through AJAX or similar technologies.
  5. Scripts interacting with the Farm Assistant need to make sure the script does not keep farming when the keypress is not released (exception to that being currently already approved scripts at the time of this writing).
  6. Scripts that adhere to all the rules may still be disapproved if the team considers them to have too big of an impact on gameplay. Do not try to appeal this once the decision is made.
  7. We understand that you may not agree with the team's decision to disapprove a script, but follow their instructions at all times.
  8. We encourage you to read this article, by @misteralb, that can help you on your way to writing great scripts!
Submitting a script for Approval
  1. Submit your script, including the mandatory fields, here
    1. Threads created in this section are only visible to the staff approving scripts (not the entire Tribal Wars Team) and the thread creator
  2. A script moderator or Community Manager will review your script and approve/reject it
    1. Please make sure to check back on your thread regularly! More information can be requested!
  3. Once your script has been approved, it will be moved to the appropriate section
    1. Private scripts: Scripts will be moved here; Threads will only be visible to the author of the thread
    2. Public scripts: Scripts will be moved here; Threads will be visible to everyone.
  4. A script can not be obfuscated upon submitting. If you desire to obfuscate your code, please fill in the obfuscated code as the mandatory fields on thread creation, then reply to the thread with a link to your deobfuscated code. This post will be hidden by the Script staff once it is approved.
  5. We encourage users to comment their code as much as possible. This makes reading your code easier and the entire process faster.
  6. If you minified your code, please follow the same procedure as #4, but provide an unminified version through for example Pastebin. This link will also be hidden once the script is approved.
We aim at reviewing scripts within 10 days after you creating the approval request. Please do not recreate or bump topics if you do not receive a reply fast. Please rest assured that all approval requests are looked at.

Script is not yours?
It is possible you want to use a script that you have not created. In this case, please make sure your script was not already approved in the past and take a look at public approved scripts.

If it is not, we would encourage you to reach out to the script author to have his/her script approved according to the process. If you do not know who the author is, or the author does not want to go through this effort, you can request approval following the usual process. Please do give credit to the author (if you know) or fill in 'Unknown' as the author.

Your script will still be approved if it adheres to the rules, but we do encourage script authors to submit their scripts as soon as they are created so that they can take full credit for them and can also have a place to post updates and edit opening posts.

Private Script is submitted as Public
Whenever a private script is resubmitted as public, we will reach out to the author. If the author is unresponsive, his/her script will be approved as a public script and his thread moved.

Kind regards,
Your Tribal Wars Team
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Updating your script

Dear players,

Please note that we have slightly adjusted the procedure regarding script updates.
As it became quite hard for us to keep track of updates happening to previously approved scripts, we have now created a separate section to submit them:

Please be aware that all updates to an approved script also need to be approved as slight changes may make a script illegal! The exception to this are changes to script logic (eg. dividing by 10 instead of 100, using axes instead of swords, etc). All changes to interactions with the game need to be re-approved.

Use the above section to submit any changes you have made before pushing your script to the live version. Stick to one thread per script where you post all the updates, the script moderator will review the changes and post an approval comment once that is done. You can re-use the same thread, in new comments, for further approval requests.

Our moderator will apply a prefix 'approved' to the respective thread to make it is easy for us to filter out approved updates. This prefix remains after you submit a new update - you need to wait for the abovementioned approval comment before your script truly is approved. The thread prefix is not an indicator.

You will be required to submit a link to the previously approved script, which is located in either Public Approved scripts or Private Approved Scripts.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Scripts Approval team
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