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Welcome to the scripts galore page.

I remade our script library as some great new scripts have been made recently. I decided to put scripts into categories for easy reference, even though some scripts can be in several topics. Only "approved and working scripts" have been added to this list. You must have a premium account to use most of these scripts. Never use an illegal script or it will lead to a banning.

Remember, 'no script' can replace time spent in game, tribe unity and quality game play.

Happy Gaming!

This is simply a script library. I do not own the rights to any scripts or guides that are not my original work. If you do not want your work listed here, I will remove it upon request. If you have issues with a script listed in this library, please contact the script creator. I am not responsible for issues resulting from use of any work linked in this library. Use a script at your own discretion.

Script Approval and Installation
Script approval process
Goes over Tribal Wars script approval process.

Tsalkapone script tutorial
Outstanding explanation on installing scripts.

Marshyyy script tutorial
Nice simple video on loading premium and non premium scripts.

Sites for TW Scripts
Shinko to Kuma
I want to personally thank Sophie for creating the premier Tribal Wars script site. Sophia has put in a lot of hard work making scripts to help all us with playing the game we love.

Tsalkapone Script Project
One of the best spots available for finding a script. Great music too!

Cheesasaurus Scripts
Great scripts from one of the best veteran TW players.

Fodox's Tribalwars Tools
Good tools site, which is also listed in guides library.
Scripts written by top players.

Tribal Wars script site
Repository for some Tribal Wars scripts.

Farming and scavenging scripts

LA Enhancer
Great script to aid in farming barbs and inactive players. Heed the warning in this posting or you might get banned.

Scavenging script
Leave it to Cheesasarus to come up with another amazing script. Do not leave home without it!

Mass scavenging script
Great mass scavenging script when you have lots of villages.

Player farmscript
Little bit of work to put in inactive village coordinates but can be rewarding.

Overview of hauls
Nice little script that gives more information for your faming hauls.

Early release scavenging script
Awesome scavenging script and you can set target run time.

FA KeyPress
Nice simple overlay to Loot Assistant. Goto bottom of page 25 to get working script.

Another scavenging script
Slick and easy. A must for any quick bar.

Farming efficiency calculator
Nice easy way to read report on farming efficiency.

Map scripts

Graphic map overlay
Brings back old graphic map. More aesthetics than anything else.

Barb radius grabber
grabs barbarian villages in specific radius around current village. Can see lots of uses with this script.

Mass timed fake calculator
Been looking for a scrip like this one. Saves a lot of work for sure.

Watchtower timer
Helps watchtower calculate incoming attacks. Very useful for mid to late game.

Beginner protection finder
Great early game script to find villages still in beginner protection.

Last village growth
Go to page three to get script.

Warehouse and market scripts

Warehouse balancer

Very useful warehouse balancer.

Resource Sender
Great for balancing resources for nobles.

Tribe leadership scripts


Helps tribe leadership see troops and participation from all tribe members. Features are to numerous to mention. Give it a try.

Village note overview
Helps keep track of all those village notes. Can be used by tribe or individuals. Does not work in phone app.

Troop and attack scripts

Tribal Wars time extension
Allows for timed attacks. Send up to 5 commands with a given time gap with 1 click!

Mass Noble Decommissioning
Handy script for middle to late game play.

Troop Counter by DalesMcKay
One of the best scripts to quickly count your troops. Disable browser pop up blocker and run in Overview>Troops

Another troop counter
Compact, simple troop counter. Can be run from any screen.

Fake script with interface
Really nice to have an interface to create and send fakes.

Backtime finder script
Great tool for end game when you have 1000+ vermin coming your way.

Dynamic packet counter
Counts packets you have in all your villages.

Post patch troop counter
Counts troops and displays results in graphical view.

Support filer/ recall
Great tools to manage your support troops.

Battle report enhancer
Enhanced data from battle reports. Goto bottom of page 5 for newest update.

Mass Attack Planner
Looks to be a good tool for coordinated attacks.

EZ Snipe
Good for incoming attacks to your villages. Requires premium accoount and best used on Chrome.

General use scripts

PP usage

Want to know where your premium points is going? This is the script for pp monitoring.

Noble flag script
Script checks how many noblemen were produced resulting in grey flags .

Report viewer
Helps player categorize reports.

Report Sorting
Great for those who like order in their world.

Import/Export Village Build
Must have premium account, five or more village for account manager. Helps focus village builds.

ZeZe’s TW Tools
Good tools like village finder, coordinate extractor and backtiming calculator. Tool is an .exe file so most likely need windows, wine or something similar.

More of a tool compilation site than a script but still essential for Tribal Wars game play.
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yea its not working anymore..been like that for a while now.

Rip auto updating scripts.

Roket Rakun

51E2B23F-EEFC-4019-BF50-CF12A0B6B1F9.jpeg My snipe script is not working ant ore. It gives this weird message. Anyone has an idea or a new snipe script?