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    Welcome to the scripts galore page.

    I went through our forum and Internet to collected working Tribal Wars scripts for today’s game. Each script in a page with the “approved” icon next to it can be used in game play. If your not sure if a script is legal then send in a support ticket to see if your script is good to go. I also added a short tutorial on how to add a script to your account. If you have a script or another website you would like posted here then send me a forum note. You must have a premier account to use these scripts. All “greasemonkey/tampermonkey” scripts are banned by Tribal Wars.

    Remember, 'no script' can replace time spent in game, tribe unity and quality game play.

    Happy Gaming!

    How to add a script
    How to get a script approved by cheesasaurus
    Good article on getting a script approved. Remember, if in doubt send in a support ticket.

    Tsalkapone script tutorial

    Outstanding explanation on installing scripts.

    Script video
    Video on how to add a script to your quick bar. Has no sound but video quality is decent enough to see how to add a script. Need a premium account. Cannot add scripts using the Tribal Wars phone app.

    Script approval process
    Goes over Tribal Wars script approval process.

    Basics on how to install a script
    Must have a premium account to use scripts. Make sure it's a Tribal Wars "approved" script. Go over to settings, which is at the right upper part of your game screen. Click on the quick bar link. Click on “Add new link” under Edit. You can name your script anything you wish, but I would make it as short as possible. Paste your target script in the URL area. Its up to you if you want the script to load in a new page. Click “OK” and you will have a new link in your Quick bar. You can also make Quick bar links to any website. I use line breaks to delineate buildings, scripts, and websites in my quick bar.

    Scripts List
    Tsalkapone Script Project
    One of the best spots available for finding a script. Great music too!

    Approved scripts from TW forum
    Any script with the approved tag are good to go for game play.

    Cheesasaurus approved scripts
    Very good approved scripts from an old pro in Tribal Wars. Only use approved scripts.

    Ben/Revoltalution's Library
    Unorganized script library. Make sure the are approved scripts.

    Fodox's Tribalwars Tools
    Good tools site, which is also listed in guides library.

    Stotty2009 approved scripts
    Quickbar approved scripts.
    Good to go scripts for top players.

    LA enhancer
    One good script to help with Loot Assistant

    This is simply a script library. I do not own the rights to any scripts or guides that are not my original work. If you do not want your work listed here, I will remove it upon request. If you have issues with a script listed in this library, please contact the script creator. I am not responsible for issues resulting from use of any work linked in this library. Use a script at your own discretion. Comments on articles are welcome as long as they follow forum policies.
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    9 - is it down?
    Error 521 Ray ID: 46dbac4af71f3036 • 2018-10-22 11:37:37 UTC
    Web server is down
  3. Ali Shah

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    yea its not working anymore..been like that for a while now.

    Rip auto updating scripts.
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    51E2B23F-EEFC-4019-BF50-CF12A0B6B1F9.jpeg My snipe script is not working ant ore. It gives this weird message. Anyone has an idea or a new snipe script?
  5. The French Baguette

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    Feb 21, 2019
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    Admins just have to change "minVer" variable from 7.0 to 3 in the script and it will work again
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