See who supported the village


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If I attack person A, and he has support from person B.

Do I see that it is infact person B's troops? Or will it just show as troops, but not specify whos it is?
Can I see if someone from my tribe supported a village that I attack?


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It will just show as troops, you can't see who supported a village unless you own that village, or you are the person supporting that village (or you are forwarded a report showing who supported the village, but even then you can't guarantee that's all the support that was sent). You can also see support that is in transit if you are sharing commands with the player sending it.

That said, you can make educated guesses based on who is and is not attacking very much, and by scouting villages of other players. You can also track players' Opponents Defeated As Supporter (ODS) value to see if they are supporting anyone.
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