Seeking a Co-Player (in preparation for team unity for w66 or later) 2 ST to 9 ST


As the title states, that is the timing that is needed to be covered. At the moment the account is co-ed by 2 players, and we need one more, to cover the time stated mainly and also to provide flexibility of coverage when one is busy with real life...

Purpose: Me and another co just returned to TW after a long haul of break and looking to resume our playtime here. W63 will be our "conditioning" world before we start to be more serious in future worlds..

:axemen: basically Im looking for HARDCORE farmers as well as moderately aggressive.. Knows how to clear villages (weighing profits over loss) for more farms that is

:axemen:formidable with scripts (I will be sponsoring the pp, so do not worry about that)

:axemen:matured, a teamworker and committed

:axemen:knows all the standard skills like, snipe, backtiming, and "decent" noble train

:axemen:definitely has to have a skype account.. <--- ultimately compulsory

An exception will be made if you are new player, or not used to using scripts. If you are interested I can consider..

The rest will be discussed on skype... so add me up and we talk

Skype id: hshanemo


still looking... the acct has been in world for 1 week... and we have have rams and cats to play with.. wanna join the fun?


Last Time i checked this is world 63 :icon_rolleyes: no one here is currently interested in W66 or later worlds otherwise they would be posting in the pre-mades.

perhaps there you will find someone interested.