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The Punisher.

Yea y'all totally won the 'world' a 2-tribe win... Real hard task :|


The most difficult thing about winning a world is sticking round until the end. Apoc and [BA] deserve credit for doing so. What world have you ever been successful on, I've never heard of you before.


I don't have to attention span... -_-' 1 million and I quit after that waste of time.

And that's the biggest thing Apoc+BA recognized at the beginning of the game. We didn't want to start something we couldn't finish, and planned accordingly. Many folks could have been greater individual players by playing harder/more, but they picked a pace they could sustain and "enjoy" instead. RTS rushers vs. boomers... Sprinters vs. marathoners. Sailors vs. powerboaters. No wonder both sides think they won - they weren't playing to the same goals.

Baroness Janice

How easy it is to speculate on how hard or easy it is to win a world. Unless you have been there and played the duration of the game and seen the changes happen from start to end, you really don't know what you are talking about.