Semi Finals!!!! (Best of 4)

Seven Devils

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Here they are, the semi finalists.

Can Junior keep winning? Or will Aretas or whoever he is take it? Jr has won against some big names. Will be interesting for sure. Am not biased at all (Gooo jr)

Will TRE do what i failed to do? Tip from the coach, don't ask Trex to co!!! Will stalker who is the clear leading star in this take the win?

They are 4 but only 2 will remain. Vote as you believe nd not because you are buddy budies with them ingame. (We can make a diffrent thread called, who has the most friends)

Good luck to all 4.

Round 1
Aretas vs Junior Jr

Round 2
The Roman Empire vs Stalker1988

zg crazy fish

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Junior, looks to be an important part of DI
The Roman Empire; how can you not love the god of traps himself


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Reasoning not needed on this one tbh
I feel like both the people I picked are out of reach from those below, no contest.


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As you wanted reasons i will give them for you

Round 1
Aretas - I cant pick my Jr in this seeing as i taught him everything he knows and i am so average he must be too

Round 2
Played with both, like both. Stalker just about edges it for me as he likes Squirrels

The Roman Empire

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Round 1
Junior Jr. I envy his farming space and his records haha. Seems like a solid enough account and even though I do not know him, I feel like he's alright :).

Round 2
While I can't vote for myself lets all be real for a moment, what can possibly be better than the Roman Empire? We basically made western society. #MakeRomeGreatAgain


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Round 1 - Arteas I've said it before so I'll not go into it tbh JV wins.

Round 2 - I feel like a broken record I don't have any previous with TRE at all. However with the stalker guys they are keeping pace with Tuds at the front and not barbing.
There war stats are just crazy and they don't give me any sign they are slowing up so for me its Stalker

Mad King Platypus

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JR - Well, why not. :D

Stalker - It should be obvious that if they keep their activity that they will be the account for everyone to catch up to. Stats King/Queen atm.


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The farming king himself. Just currently doing better than areas, until they directly fight i cant go off of anything but farming stats.

It pains me but they're probably better


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While Junior doesn't seem to be super involved in combat for now,his farming was probably crucial to DI's growth so he'd be my choice. It's way easier to gain OD than it is to farm that much and feed teammates (which I guess he does a lot). Requires tons of organization overall.

TRE has a lot of experience and is genuinely good but I just have to vote for Stalker considering the very good performance he has shown taking over the south. Also because of his "growth>everything" motto. Not sure exactly how he (and DI) steamrolled a few southern tribes so quickly, but I'm sure it wasn't something easy to pull off without skill. Maybe TRE will have his time to shine soon too!


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JrJr - neither account has impressive OD or a ton of war caps that i can see (DI ppl fill me in), I dont know much about either player, but JrJr has fucking 32 looter of the day's, so...

Stalker- stats dont lie i guess. Dude basically ate SiNTM by himself

Stochastic Suushi

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Round 1
Junior Jr - Really active player, has an income close to tudadar with less than half the villages. Good aggression and village placement.

Round 2
Stalker1988 - As has been said before stats don't lie this man ate 2 tribes basically alone, sure has probably more pp than the other contestants but sure is putting it to good use. TRE is a great defender so i've heard, but since i haven't seen either myself going based on what is public information.