[Serious] Is it me, or is the world less barb heavy and more compact then others?


I'm just making an observation, and for a world just going on 9,000 players, we're not even pushing full core continents. Like, the circular positioning has only just, and I mean JUST put people on the rim into K44.

Then you have a look at the map, you'll notice a hell of a lot more players then barbs, which is certainly more different the most worlds I've played. Everyone is a lot more closer then normal. I'd normally see spacing of about 1-2 squares sometimes after the core gap.

Speaking of Core gap, it seems to be a lot more spaced as well:

Core - Cluster fuck
Gap - Huge spaces between players and barbs
Rim - Sorts of a mix between both.

The gap itself is widely spaced, then it goes into another core like spacing for players.

At this rate, the world isn't even going to make it to the K's ending in 3's.


Now, I've never played a church world (that I can remember) but I'd like to incorporate that into a reason why.
And for personal experience a lot of the PP farmers won't restart when you cat them down. Too stubborn for their own good. Lol.


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I think it may also have to do with pre registering. I think their are still kinks that need to be worked out with it. imo