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Not sure if this has been mentioned before but the option to move the Server time to a more "relevant" place would be nice. I've noticed a lot of times when I have my incoming commands expanded that I have to scroll down to the bottom just to see the server time. Or if I'm in the rally point and the current village has a lot of incoming support or attacks and I'm trying to use that village to snipe from or dodge from I have to scroll down and up which sometimes cause you to miss your timing. This also can happen if you have your map expanded you have to scroll down.

Would be nice if their was an option to move it somewhere more central. Not a permanent move necessarily - but maybe a "check box" in the game settings that will display it there.

For example;

[ Village name and K info box ]----------------------[ Server time ]--------------------[ wood / clay / iron / WHSE / Population / inventory / flag / pally ]