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Forum rules can be found here:
Do adhere to them, please, or unpleasant things await in your future.

Game rules can be found here:
Ignore them at your own peril. The punishments are heavy for violators.

Also, anyone thinking it'd be fun to spam the section into pieces because nothing fun happens in the world will be sent to a mandatory Vogon Poetry Festival.

Anyone thinking the language/insults rules don't apply to them will be keelhauled in a classical fashion.

That was all, folks, now lets get this show on the road.

Settings can be found here:
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Emma Frost

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The world settings are out of wack. They keep changing. Hacker maybe?? Is that why the world settings aren't posted?


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C heck the market also. They are sorting the people that play a world for prem only to fund another world.