Settling Misunderstandings


ugh, i logged in, all excited about a new thread.. and this is what i find :(

i don't think anyone cares whether space is a guy/girl/baby monkey
he/she/it did lie. however, i think lots do lie in this game, or at least mislead, i guess it just depends on what it is you are lying about or for what reason that matters.

/me goes away sobbing b/c this is what the forums have been reduced to.


I think Hl2's an alright guy. you lying about being a girl was kind of weird, you did mass recruit/bully a lot of the little k99 tribes, and IMP are most certainly not a "normal" tribe.

Your an alright guy yourself doody.




So...what is that proving again?

I'll get you back for that of these days, don't you worry.


more of a funny joke, if you ask me
we didn't do any mass recruiting/bullying, name your source
IMP seems like a normal tribe to me; fully functioning with seemingly no big failures nor any big successes

Can I ask a question?
Could this be considered as a source? It's really old....... from Dec 31,2009 actually.

~VOID~ had many players and many villages in K59/K69.

Spaceman was somehow given the opportunity to account sit a player who was in our academy tribe at the time and posted the following message:

Hiya, I'm spacemanspiff92. I'm basically making an advertisement right now, so if you already hate me for whatever reason, you can choose to ignore it. For those of you who live under rocks, ARG! and PuFFiN have merged to become PnP. They are 3x better then the 2nd ranked tribe, and basically, the world is done for. Therefore, my family has decided to take further action and try to become a 'PnP in Training' so to speak. That means, we're going to get rid of all our inactive, non talkative, not efficient players, and we're looking for the opposite of that to join our family, no matter how many points you have.

Anyways, point is, if you're interested in what i'm offering, please message me and I'll try to get you in.

PS: gaz was a fool, you guys weren't winning anything, and we did not go to war with you guys. we were just growing, and some of your members were in our way. nothing personal, i sware ;)

Also, to further convince you to join something better, here are OD ranks [Opponents Defeated]

In Offense:
1 Pirates and Puffins 410,30 Mio.
2 PIRATES ARG US 302,24 Mio.
10 -=*Angle Angle Side*=- 36,17 Mio.
20 -=*Angle Side Angle*=- 13,43 Mio.
36 Voice of Internal Darkness 2,41 Mio.
50 ~VOID Dynasty~ 605.929

In Defense:
1 Pirates and Puffins 146,93 Mio.
3 -=*Angle Angle Side*=- 90,48 Mio.
20 -=*Angle Side Angle*=- 25,90 Mio.
38 Voice of Internal Darkness 6,37 Mio.
73 ~VOID Dynasty~ 1,23 Mio.

As you can see, your whole family, even with the eastern alliance [they were so small i didn't even bother showing their stats] aren't nearly half as strong as my family. However, my family isn't even a quarter as strong as PnP.

So, to sum up, if you're interested in going somewhere in this world, please feel free to message me with any inquiries ;)
[i know some of you are very good players]

Best regards,

PPS: i'm going to post this in every forum


Btw Space I'm not best pleased with the utter rubbish you've put in a mail to Tarinibhargava and I think I should have an apology for the lies it contains regarding me


Ok Space, lets clear a few things up shall we?

Secondly, you lied to your members, who are under the impression you never posed as a girl.

Lie to your tribe if it is the only way you can get people to follow you and patch the leaks in the sinking ship, but don't come out here and try and lie to the rest of the world and paint me as a villain for setting the facts straight.

Good day all....

Just want to let you know space never lied to us in his tribe about posing as a girl or not...yes we were all shocked to find out SHE was a HE...but we got over it....why can't everybody else get over it as well.

I know nothing about PnP messages or ARG! refugees.....was never privy to council...

I have not been playing this world for quite some time now due to medical reasons...but I still come in and read the forums as I love this world!! I sure miss midnight11 visiting my villages!1 ;)


Just want to let you know space never lied to us in his tribe about posing as a girl or not...yes we were all shocked to find out SHE was a HE...but we got over it....why can't everybody else get over it as well.

Isnt that a little bit contradictory? :icon_redface:


It's not really a lie it a very long-term joke.
Everyone knows the story of how his RL friends joked about him being a girl on her and it stuck.

I mean, almost everyone has seen what I said to him when I thought he was a girl and I heard Midnight and Undeadwear had also said similar things to him thinking he was a chick.

When he told me I was kinda shocked but laughed at it and then enjoyed the time until he posted it on the World forums.
And then since then Midnight has brought it up along with the usually "WE ARE GOING TO DESTROY YOU..DO NOT FIGHT BACK..IT IS USELESS" bull-crap every month or two to Matt (Spaceman) (which he posted on our forums for us all to laugh at) and he still brings it up today?

I understand you like honesty, but dude, take a joke.
Relax your shoulder muscles, let it go.


Guys...i have a confession to make :/

Im really a...a...ermm, well, something..


I honestly can't see TA surviving to the end of this world.

No offence but you have nowhere to go, and no one except Nate seems ready to even try to make a stand.


Isnt that a little bit contradictory? :icon_redface:

This was such a perfect post.

It's like "he didn't lie! He just... er... didn't really tell the truth! That's all! I swear he's a good guy!"
etc etc.