Shadow cw-c is now recruiting!


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Just a comment since I seem to have involved myself a bit,
Most players, or people in general aren't proactive, there just waiting around for it to happen to them,
Growth in the beggining is always slow, don't worry about that, but you usually want to maintain dominace in points in your 5 by 5, but if you can't you want to have a bigg army, and if you have alot of offencive troops and there only a bit bigger then you (relative to sise) then I would attack them to slow them up, and then get bigger then them, whie they rebuild, cause if you took them by surprise then you just took out there offence, so no counter attack
but of course you always want to have a tribe that will back you up,
The origanal purpose of a tribe, in my oppinon is this, to benifit all members with in a tribe, and grant them advantages they could not have by themselfs, if a tribe can't do that then you shouldn't be in the tribe. Supporting you in times of crise help to determin wheter or not a tribe is good or not, so look for the tribe right for you, sometime there not the dominate tribe in continent, mabey look all the way down to the 40th ranked tribe, You'll likly find at least one good one,
best of luck to you all