Shame Dumping Toward The Win



At the end of any sporting event, players usually shake hands. But we can't do that here in W3. You see we've been victimized by the 3000 players who joined W3 between 2006 and 2007 who have gone so inactive, they have even left the game! Think how "unworthy" they are of an invite to OWP. Boy they have really ruined the server war for us. Some of them haven't nobled any villages or sent any support for years! If only we could take them out! Let's hunt them down so we can call them names, taunt and cuss them out along with the other "unworthies" who are in OL and D*D. That would be an ideal way to end the world.

Add a vote tampering scandal, a forced join or die merge with enemies, mix it all together with multi-accounting bans, and it's a recipe for memories of a joyful win!

Not many people can be active as our top players have been for 6 long years OWP! Since we're all so focused on inactives, certain accounts that are now in OWP have been sat for months at a time, including former D*D ArchDukes. MrsC was absent from the game for long periods. At least the ppl in OL and D*D stayed with you, while so many others have left the game. You're taking them all out, isn't that retribution enough?

If you scorn, harrass and ridicule someone online, you are something along the lines of a troll or a cyber-bully. The trash talk targeting players who are not in OWP has been rampant. I have been so sickened by it, I decided to quit immediately. This is not my idea of having fun in a game, watching others be verbally abused.

After Cult fell and merged into OT and kreger's departure last year, the server war ended. The glory of the war was in fighting Cult. Remember the war was between kreger and mattaus. With both of them gone, there was no longer any point in staying in this world for me. I enjoyed the priviledge of serving as ArchDuke of D*D from 2011 to 2012. My Predecessor, (original player of Pogues account), quit W3 shortly after Cult fell. I 'tried' to quit twice during the Fall of 2012 but it seemed to provoke a chain reaction of members quitting and I was asked to stay, so I did.

For the record I did not get an invite to OWP. Also I would never have merged into a tribe with OT. Cult would have been an entirely different matter.

Stay tuned for my post-game wrap up, in an upcoming thread. Hopefully by then I will be in a better mood.
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