Short History of World Two


I should get rid of this banner, from some random world, 15 or something.

World 2 and 8 were definitely the best.


Ahhhh.... I remember Hamartia. I used to deal with him when AtenX was Xig. Then later, when I was a diplomat for Aten he reaffirmed the promise that he had made to the AtenE leaders to never attack. I think that WB was practically an unofficial branch of HOT and after Hamartia gave up leadership the WB members might have been under a lot of pressure from HOT to join with them against Aten. Really a bad idea as they bordered with about three of the Aten branches and we could, and did, launch a lot of very short distance attacks against them.

That's the problem when you have a strong nap or alliance with your neighbor for a long time. When you do go to war your front line vils are generally not prepared, and once your front lines are run over, you're toast.


Came across this message from Hamartia in my inbox, dated 1/9/2009. Thought it might interest a few people.


After stepping out of the game (and not checking back in) for nearly 6 months now... I decided to check back in and see what was happening.

Actually, I was prompted by a warbander who mentioned that WB1066 was no more.

I see much has happened. I'm pretty sure you know more than I do (from reading the forums for the last hour).

There's really only one reason for me writing this email. Here it is:
I knew when I turned over my account to the sitter that final time that my reputation would be ended. I had never, ever in the history of W2 lost a village to hostile action. I was pretty proud of that.
Also, I had never, ever broken my word to an ally. I was pretty proud of that as well.

I had promised you and Idefix that as long as I was around, Warband would never declare on AtenX or AtenE. I also promised that Warband would never rejoin a family tribe.

At some level, I feel the need to tell you that I kept my word on all three accounts. I left in July before all this "stuff" went down. Maybe I felt it coming, but my reason for leaving was personal. My wife had our first child and I was working at a new job and didn't have time to play this game anymore.

For a long time, I reckoned that I would simply delete my account so that I go down saying that no one had ever beaten me. But it seemed like a selfish thing to do to my loyal members. I had a big account in strategic locations. I decided that it would be wrong to just end that. Moreover, although I would have liked to send farewells to everyone outside of my tribe, I knew that my account was worth more if people thought I was still around. In fact, most of Warband did not know I wasn't coming back.

So I let them have it and willingly let them deceive everyone with it for as long as they could.

For that, I am sorry, but I hope that you will understand.

I hope all is well and you are still having some fun (if you are still playing).

Best of luck in the future, my friend.