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Hello people of TW!
I come before you today to spread the word of a project I've come to work on.
That project has been named "Shots!". It is set to be a community with focus on mental health, friendly environment, playing to each individual strengths and focusing on team building and the fun of the game as well as fighting what's harmful.

So, what separates Shots! from other tribes?

First off, we believe in a hierarchy-less rule. There's no one leader and no council. We all should build enough trust so that every single member has an equal voice in all questions.
Decisions are made through polls and discussions. Through a democratic system. In game rights are given out to any who will make use of them. Responsibility is given, but not enforced. If you're happy to just follow what's going on, that's fine, as long as everyone is involved with what's going in and express their opinion on certain matters, leave it to the executive personalities to carry out the will of the tribe through actions.

Second off, there's a huge problem within Tribal Wars regarding burn outs. People get pushed or push themselves to stay up all nights or set alarms and cut out sleep and free time in wars or hectic times. This of course has physical as well as mental toll on the individuals. We wish to work against the problem, not pushing members but rather hoping to allow people to play the way they're comfortable and safe doing. If you like being frontline but need a co, we can hit you up with someone like minded so you can work together on the front. If you're more comfortable in backline, we'll make sure you fit in where you enjoy playing the most.
Knowing eachother well enough, it's easier to accept or offer co playing since there's a higher level of trust and comfort.

Third off, instead of pushing to win at all costs, we want to build a longer lasting community of players that stick together for a longer duration than just one world. So focus will mainly be on teamwork, team building and recruiting more members so we get a good chunk of people, so we can fill timeslots, accounts, playstyles, without being undermanned. The focus and the heart at the tribe, stick up for eachother, stand up towards tribes that spread toxicity and malicious strategies in the tribal wars community. We're here to show TW that there's more to this game than burn outs, pp spamming, account pushing, ban baiting, vpn abusing and toxicity.

What's the plan right now?

We've currently played two Classic worlds and with the current one finishing up we are looking to prepare some recruitments and build some relations before we decide where to start next. We have a chat being set up with old, current and new members where we will all work to get to know eachother. After some time and recruitment we will look towards our next world together.

Sounds cool! How do I join?
First and foremost, we are mainly looking for members with some experience of the game as well as good time to be active, both in chats and game. No need for 18h activity every day, but it shouldn't take more than 8-12 hours at most (in case you're asleep) to reach you, unless you are busy with some event or such.
You should have good social skills and be willing to make friends and communicate and express your opinions.
We will be using the application/program Telegram ( It can be used in browser, as an app on your phone as well as an application on your PC.
For those of you unfamiliar, it's like they've taken the best from Discord and best from Skype and combined both into a very well optimized and secure platform.
I suggest getting it, then if you wish to join, contact me through the following platforms;

Telegram: AndreBBB
Discord: cide#4545
Skype: Lesothoo525

Thanks for your time and hope to see you in my DMs!
/ André :cool: