Should Obey Recruit These Players?

Obey Recruit K3it4, tiran000, Thait, pampypoops, unforgivabletakeover

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These are the Vape players that are fighting for their survival, they are not rolling over and letting wet/escape destroy them and have begged for invites to every tribe now. They are fighting for anyone's cause. Obey wants to move them out of their "coward" allies that have shared info about their terrible leadership decisions time and time again. Please vote below if you have objections to Obey recruiting them.

Just trying to help make this poll more public than it already was. Did a few word edits though from original copy *below*


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Look I think that we should have them prove themselves by continuing to fight in their own tribe then we pick them up. Similarly to how on W83 my tribe Golden had players from an allied tribe NBD basically playing as part of the tribe but did not invite them because they wanted them to be able to prove themselves. There's no reason to rush them over, tribe change has no real change except on mentality and we want to ensure we're picking up quality. I hope this helps in the decision making process.


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will be interesting to see what you and other WET members think on the topic seeing as how you guys are the world experts on recruitment

Weird Flex But Ok

Still Going Strong
i'd like some more opinions though

could a few more of the 170 accounts the WET family has recruited so far this world please weigh in?
Please if you'd like to apply mail me in game so I can sort it properly. Asking for an invite over the external forums is not the proper way to get recruited. If you have any other questions please let me know.

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Shame and here I was hoping my "How long until Britney quits" poll was going to be copy pasted.