SIKE is recruiting!

Lord Jacobb

Dear W33,

on behalf of SIKE, I Lord Jacobb have made this post solemnly for having the chance to upgrade SIKE as a tribe. We are taking our depth of recruitment to a whole new level, level 79 to be precise. We are now accepting applications for sister or brother tribes to be a part of SIKE. Message me via private message on the externals or apply in this thread if you are interested. (You must hand in your own application and also be willing to take our test). Here's a basic summary of what we are interested in:

- Previous leadership?
- Worlds played?
- General experience?
- Love recruiting?
- Love being taught?
- Already have a tribe to switch the name?
- Does it have any members?
- Have any allies?
- Have any enemies?
- Have any friends?

Take a look at our new academy tribe: S|KE!

I'm sure you guys can do better, SO MESSAGE ME OR POST NOW!