=SK= Loses Rank 1 Spot to Legend

Discussion in 'World 30' started by demize98, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. demize98

    demize98 Guest

  2. Dr. Dre.

    Dr. Dre. Guest

    Good for Legend. I want to see how long they can keep it.

    To be honest, I doubt it will be long. The end of BP is coming closer to closer. After that, we will see which tribes are for real, and which tribes will fail.
  3. i-Nuke

    i-Nuke Guest

    whats to discuss LEGEND done some pointwhoring =SK= done some troop whoring get over it lol
  4. appleand

    appleand Guest

    All no1. tribes at this point are just pointwhores =)

    no point talking about it for a few weeks as of yet.
  5. demize98

    demize98 Guest

    I think that =SK= is probably only top 5 tribe that is survive...Maybe Legend, to be honest...This world doesnt have too many good top 100 tribes.
  6. i-Nuke

    i-Nuke Guest

    good thing my tribes 6th then ;)
  7. demize98

    demize98 Guest

    Smurfs are also good. They were good in previous worlds, too:)
  8. rizkyaa

    rizkyaa Non-stop Poster

    Nov 12, 2008
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    From what I heard, BD has many good players. And I like Ham as well.

    I still think SK will be fine in the long run. Too early, there might be more changes in the top 20 tribe ranks.
  9. Dr. Dre.

    Dr. Dre. Guest

    Well, how many days are we into this world? Do you think the good tribes have emerged yet?
  10. cursednova

    cursednova Active Member

    Dec 18, 2008
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    7 more members and only 700 more points....not much if a lead.
  11. Sigurgeir

    Sigurgeir Guest

    Agreed. I think =SK= will reclaim it after BP.
  12. Po0piEPanTs

    Po0piEPanTs Guest

    wow,noob who cares they will get up again.
  13. Sange

    Sange Guest

    wow... legend is #1... damn... what a suprise O.O... yeah it is sarcasam
  14. i-Nuke

    i-Nuke Guest

    i hope that wasnt directed at me or you'll get a :icon_rolleyes:
  15. Super fast

    Super fast Still Going Strong

    Sep 21, 2008
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    To be honest most of the best tribes aren't in the top 20. Alot of tribes with tones of great players are still stuck in the 100s
  16. Lord Jacobb

    Lord Jacobb Guest

    omfg SK sux

  17. That is a good point. Give it a month or so then we will see who are the strong tribes and not point whores
  18. Arsaces

    Arsaces Guest

    And I was beginning to worry about this thread, I thought it was another SK basher.

    Hats off to Legend, how long will it last?
  19. hmm its quite close, the number 1 place will really be decided when bp ends.
  20. There is not 'strong' tribe at the moment, there are only one with a decent line-up. Ranks don't mean nothing as of yet. When BP ends, the decent decent tribes will start popping up