=SK= Loses Rank 1 Spot to Legend

Discussion in 'World 30' started by demize98, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. =SK= Raven

    =SK= Raven Guest

    I'm not upset at mad at keb8, we play this game as we take it. But I'm disappointed. Spies have always been part of the game. They even help turn the tide during major wars. I want everyone to understand this is part of Tribal Wars. No-one should be upset at keb8.

    We play it as we take it.... :)
  2. Why does everyone dislike optimus?

    He highlights some key points and you guys jump on him for it.

    Boy has TW changed since I've been away.
  3. This is why I respect Raven so much. Even in these times his at cool. He doesn't come around flaming at players. Yelling and doing noob stuff. Raven is a true leader. One of the best around, perhaps the best leader next to Pervis.

    As for Kebabe... You bring shame to the game.
  4. schmutzig

    schmutzig Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2008
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    I have to say I disliked optimus at first, but he has grown on me and I have realised he does often raise very valid points.

    TW hasn't changed. The forums have. People flame idiots and the people they fear. Respected players are now either ignored or take part in valid and interesting arguments. I think optimus is one of those who sits in different camps for different players.

    He has impressed me with his ability to keep a cool head as well.
    Why? Because he can persuade players to go against their trusting tribes? A lot of tribes who get spied on do so because they have recruited badly or made bad decisions. Although some spies do spy purely for the kicks.
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  5. using spies is just another part of the game..
  6. You evidently haven't seen any good leaders.


    You know, all the actually good leaders.
  7. PeRvIs

    PeRvIs Guest

    im not leading. :icon_neutral:
  8. when optimus was anti-ham i wasn't to keen on him either but i'll agree he does bring up a long of very valid points which are often completely ignored
  9. SpeedDemon83

    SpeedDemon83 Guest

    Much respect to Raven, I don't know how he can be so calm. I would be flaming at optimus right now. I'd most likely curse him out. Raven you are what everyone has said to be in this forum. You are a true leader. Good luck in your future wars.

    optimus prime = no respect...
  10. schmutzig

    schmutzig Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2008
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    I think people are afraid that if they agree or give views to his points then they will be 'lynched' by anti-optimus posters :icon_neutral:
  11. -bisugo-

    -bisugo- Guest

    LOL kebabe i think is the most hated player in tribal wars.. from W25 and now this world? demn.. i ddnt recognize till some says it..
  12. Who's to say that is my spy? As a matter of fact, it isn't my spy. I have no need to deploy a spy into SK. SK are based in K54, T*F are based in K45. They aren't a threat to us nor are we a threat to them.

    Think about it, If someone who isn't a threat to you got the info from someone else without asking for it, just think about the info all the actual threats are capable of acquiring. Despite Razor's conceitedness, he is my friend and I don't particularly enjoy seeing his tribe on the route to failure.

    Perhaps this will bring some sense to Raven and alert him putting his tribe on the right track rather than the repeating history of tribes failing shortly after BP.

    I hope I have opened your eyes. I'm not here to debate the better tribe or leader but to have fun and discuss TW. I love the game.

    Good luck to you and your tribe.
  13. SpeedDemon83

    SpeedDemon83 Guest

    optimus, Raven is a much better leader then you will ever be. He is out of your league. Your tribe be the one that fails after BP.
  14. schmutzig

    schmutzig Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2008
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    OMG he wrote in big letters he must be right!

  15. Liquid C

    Liquid C Guest

  16. appleand

    appleand Guest

    Well I dont have much experience from either leader so anyone fancy giving a little history about both? =)

  17. I respect him a lot too.... He reminds me of a great leader back in W8 when FEAR was at its glory times.....
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if Raven was a member of FEAR back then. FEAR has brought out some of the best players in this game. :)

    optimus prime = failure
  19. optimus prime totally blows. That guy belongs in jail for being such a flop. Shame he has no game. As for Raven, you have my respect. More power to you.
  20. edgey10

    edgey10 Guest

    This Raven seems a nice fellow, but people underestimate the mighty Bloodhood far too much. :icon_wink:

    As a person who loves to lead myself, there is prime example of leading by example.