=SK= Loses Rank 1 Spot to Legend

Discussion in 'World 30' started by demize98, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. appleand

    appleand Guest

    Bloodhood. I've always thought he was an awesome leader. From PnP and what people have said and seeing CHE!!! middle of W6 take on well, everyone lmao.
  2. Well, this got very interesting, very fast.
  3. Krono5

    Krono5 Guest

    Well my opinion of Sk has just plummeted after reading that internal announcement. There wa me thinking they may actually be a decent tibe, but that combned with all the tribe changes shows alot.

    As for everyone flaming optimus for using spies, you obviously haven't been around long. I wonder what you'd say about Lardingd's actions in WoE on w8 :icon_twisted:
  4. edgey10

    edgey10 Guest

    Meh, people seem to be jumping on the screw Optimus bandwagon, some might have reason to hate the guy I don't know, others are just incapable of forming their own opinion of someone so ride on the coattails and opinions of others, it happens.

    Personally Optimus so far has been one of the best forum posters, along with actually putting something into his posts he seems a generally civil guy, nobody has failed until they actually fail, don't be so quick to put him down.
  5. PeRvIs

    PeRvIs Guest

    Whats wrong with using spies ?
  6. Nothing. It's in the game and it's not illegal. :icon_eek:
  7. edgey10

    edgey10 Guest

    Nothing IMO, its in the game rules providing someone else is providing the info for you or you have an external forum account, its all good providing you aren't using multiple accounts to infiltrate others forums.
  8. 69matty96

    69matty96 Guest

    I guess its a good thing p*rn is 105th ;)

    Just read the entire 6 pages o_O

    I have to agree with this.

    I have noticed quite a few people doing this. If/when =SK= do fall down the ranks and another tribe take their spot i bet that these players will just jump on the new rank 1s bandwagon, whoever that may be, and support them.

    Although i guess i can't blame some of them, i used to think rank was everything as well. Before i learnt how to paly of course ;)

    Anyways, i don't think legend will stay up there either, but i don't minmd being suprised.
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  9. Bloodhood

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Lol, I loved how =SK= played the higher moral card against Optimus then he goes...

    actually guys, not my spy.

    PLAYED =SK=!

    I Loled
  10. What, sorry? I don't quite understand :icon_redface:
  11. Serb1a

    Serb1a Guest

    So they go down one rank and people start asking questions? What the hell is wrong with you people on W30 I have never seen such a fascination about a tribe and so many followers of them, next time you click on tribe rank go to the second page and look at those tribes.
  12. spleen mage

    spleen mage Contributing Poster

    Feb 10, 2007
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    Nothing against Optimus, apart from the repeated use of "my mentor, PP". With all due respect, I'm sure PP has his own personality, other then being your mentor. We don't need to keep hearing it :icon_wink:
  13. =SK= Ace

    =SK= Ace Guest

    our fans just love us too much
  14. Serb1a

    Serb1a Guest

    Do half of your members know what SK Gaming even is? I mean your leader or who ever the person convinced you to use those tags couldnt be a person rejected by SK on another game could he/she?
  15. bakkkano

    bakkkano Guest

    what is SK gaming? explain me please, and don´t worry first place, second place, third place it´s not important in this moment, play well with fun!

    Hmetal, \m/ 4ever
  16. rizkyaa

    rizkyaa Non-stop Poster

    Nov 12, 2008
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    SK gaming is an e-sports clan. They play many different games, including World of Warcraft, Counterstrike, etc. And it was founded in 1997. This should help you.
  17. bakkkano

    bakkkano Guest

    Thanks my friend Rizkyaa , very well, experienced players, maybe i learn with them something new. that´s my goal in W30 - Learn with the best players of TW.

    enjoy the game!
    Hmetal, \m/ 4 ever
  18. dragoneye776

    dragoneye776 Guest

    justing coming to glance here, and I've got one question...

    what's kebabe got against =SK=? They pose no threat to him so why is all this flaming going on?
  19. Serb1a

    Serb1a Guest

    Bak seems Riz answered it pretty good except that SK does not have a World of Warcraft team anymore they merged with another team like them now Ensidia, but SK's site is www.sk-gaming.com
  20. calmir

    calmir Guest

    Apparantly peoples strange sense of moral and honour forbides them from using spies.