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(approved by jawjaw, ticket t14042601)

This is a script to send fake with a specific landing time. If launched outside rally place it opens the settings interface.
There are 2 differents "modes":
- manual: you insert the coords to fake and the wanted timeframe
- by url: you insert the url of a page cointaing the coords (using comma as separator) and an url of a page containing the desired arrival time (yyyy:mm:hh:mm:ss:mmm;yyyy:mm:hh:mm:ss:mmm)

When you have selected the desired mode and the required data you can specify which kind of troop you want o use to fake.
When launched in rally point screen it automatially insert a target whith the right landing time and the troops (it try to minimize the recruitment time of the units sent).
If no targets are in range it display an error message. It will not send two fakes on the same target from the same source unless you don't restart you browser.

It's a script useful in late game, works better with a lot of potential targets.

It's easier to use than to explain (also because english is not my language).

Big thanks to @Shinko to Kuma for the help

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