Rejected Snapshot option for a restart on a new casual world.

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Is it possible to create a "snapshot" opportunity of a village selected for a future restart on a casual world. So when the player then does restart on the casual world he can use the "snapshot" village for a start-out village. This eliminates the risk of his village being catted down in end game phase or only having a shack of a village left to start off with in a new casual world.

Obviously in a normal active world the "snapshot" cannot be used for a restart as this would be unfair to the ones who nobled him out on an active world. However the "snapshot" can be saved and used from any world for a later casual world restart.

This will eliminate the need for a new casual world to open whenever an old casual world goes into end-game phase. No player needs to panic because he can "snapshot" a village and know his restart in the next casual world will be with a good village that he managed to build in a world. he is not advantaged he is merely rewarded for his past play and efforts in a world.

Obviously this can be made an exclusive premium function : "You have selected this village as a snapshot restart village on a future casual world. Do you confirm that you wish to pay the 300 premium points to preserve this snapshot onto your profile. This snapshot will remain linked to this profile for a future restart on a casual world. It will be available only for casual world start-outs on condition that you will have to select this option on restart and then open up with an activate premium subscription on the new casual world that you join."