So long, w59


Hey there, world 59. How is everyone doing today? I know that the world is ending soon, so I thought I would make a thread where you can talk about the people and tribes that mean the most to you. Think of it as the "Thanks and goodbye" thread.

As far as I can tell, w59 opened October 11, 2011. That's over a year and a half ago. A lot has happened in that time - tribes have come, and they have gone. Any in particular that you loved?

I'll start!

Why? Because it was by far best tribe I've been in. Not best in terms of skill, but because I had more fun in that tribe than in any other. I only hope I can have that much in another tribe. Actually, I plan to have that much fun again. See, I'm going to lead a premade (one day). Shameless advertising can be found here. Seriously, CAN had the best chemistry of any tribe I've seen. People got along so well that some of us are still playing together.

I've also met some great players in this world. To start, I'd like to thank u6s5l. and Humbletree. No, I'm not thanking myself - I'm thanking the account owner. If it weren't for those two, I never would have joined w59 (feel free to blame them for my horrid jokes here on the externals). I thank them for allowing me to meet the cool people in this world. :icon_biggrin: I can also thank them for founding CAN (A.K.A. the greatest tribe ever). u6, buddy, it's always awesome to co-play you. Annoying GotRob in more ways than most people thought possible -that's us!
Oh. I guess that about sums up the people I respect in this world :p

No, there are a lot of people on this world I respect. Instead of listing them all, I'll just say that they include most of the players in PITA and those in CAN. I hope I can play alongside you folks again one day.


To be honest,

Id have to say shAve, Well the beginning shave, We were all amazing players and i enjoyed leading and playing with them. Like macon said abotu can, the start of shAve there was a strong chemistry there, and had we all stayed active it probably would have stayed, and the world would be different, But eh it did not last.

Close second id have to say Can, From the outside, Can looked fun and i would have joined it had i not Been founder of shAve.

Players, idk, i met a bunch of new people this world, and cant really pick one person i loved the most.

(This is Jackandcoke. BTW.)


CAN had tons of fun, and it's still my favorite tribe ever. We never stood a chance in the world, and we knew that pretty early on, but we had great fun just messing around. Some players were so focused on trying to win that they didn't seem to get that we wanted to relax after we realized it wasn't going to happen, so they left, but CAN was always the most fun tribe around IMO.

macon, you know we're gonna have similar fun (maybe we'll even do well this time :icon_eek:) in your premade :icon_biggrin:.


Here I could have a go at it now...

As a little background info I was part of the leadership in VIRUS while we dominated k55 early on before we merged into shAve...I was not very competent with a lot about Tw and had no experience playing with premium. I had my villa internal led during the merge and joined a new account, where the account owner and I had some disagreements. (He built mixed villas badly and stuff like that as well as the fact I wasn't on much during the holidays. Then I had a player take a chance on me and I was then on the new kid on the block account for awhile there.

I had a whole lot of fun learning how a real war could work and ops could work on players. At the beginning of the world I thought hitting a 5 minute gap was cutting it short, but by the end I was sending nukes, nobles, and support inside the same second, and had gotten sniping down really well against PITA and gotrob. By the fall of shAve it wasn't a huge surprise really to anyone inside of shAve I think since most of shAve had gone inactive. Lots of potential and great players in shAve there. Met a lot of good friends and learned an incredible amount about how to truly play tribal wars and I'd have to thank everyone I ever interacted with on w59, both enemies and allies. They all shaped me into the player I am today and I always regard this world as one of my favorite worlds if not the favorite of my worlds. I feel so fortunate to have been taken in by such good players and be shown how to play so well.

Edit: Almost forgot to say congrats to PITA for winning the world! You were great allies for awhile there and I don't know what I would have done if gotrob had won this world...
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Hey there Macon – nice idea! :icon_smile:

My high spots of W59

Being able to play with some old friends from W16 and managing to be on the same side as Axl (The Big Cat) this time around.

Working with some fun new people (must give a special mention to Ads and Lloyd) and rediscovering a truly mad friend from an even older world (yes Wilson, that means you!). The world would have been much saner, and consequently much less fun without you!

The PITA declaration on the Robbers - credit should go to Barb for taking my idea and actually making it in to proper poetry not the terrible doggerel I would have produced. I’ve always been kinda proud that we managed to produce something a bit different to the norm.

Having a great co player in Jeor who kept me in line and calmed down some of my mad plans. The Rascal account would never have made it to #1 without her!

Playing with Les – one of the great TW characters now continuing his crusade against the Robbers on W68 – good luck there Les and Mitch!

To those who did not make it to the end of the world like Will (Maths Legend) and James (Notanothernoob) – we miss you guys but it was good to know you.

Low points of W59

I wish that Dunn and Nicole could have stayed with us longer but thanks to you both for inviting me to PITA at the beginning.

I regret that I Love the Rain did not play longer with us – although he was right that eventually to win we would noble most of the barbs on the world. :D

I wish that after the Robbers deleted that we could not all have stopped nobling then instead of having to go on and on and on nobling barbs, but what’s done is done.

I wish we could have had opponents who could have played the game the way it is supposed to be played but at the end of the day you can only beat what is there in front of you. Geani could not win the world - that's got to be a good thing indeed! :icon_biggrin:

Thanks to everyone I've missed above - it's been fun being a penguin these past 18+ months.


I never thought TW could be so much fun until I started playing in PITA. Although it was tiring sometimes, the people around were always there to help. Made a lot of new friends here and a little sad I couldn't stay till the end due to RL.

Thanks Dunn and Nicole for making this awesome tribe, Axl for the inspiration, Rascal for the calmness, Justin for always disagreeing with me :p and last but not least my awesome co player and one of the most important reasons for PITA being where it is now, James. Don't know where he is now, disappeared into the blue but wish him luck wherever he is.

And also a big call out to all other friends ads, wilson, sonya, vinny, zeta for being such awesome tribemates.

We also shouldn't forget Laterus, kniaukse, Raging Hurricane and The.Robot for helping PITA stay alive in the initial stages with your awesome teamwork.


i have to say its has been my great honor to play this world with each and every one you. i might have got smacked about from time to time. 12 months straight lamo thru that everytime i thought this is the end a member of ride would say hold on or or-el would defend me in the externals pita giving me tips on how to last abit longer.

other tribes supporting me when they didnt even know me? what a hell of a ride guys my ex one tribemates secretly supporting me. one wrote me lesss i have been ordered to nuke these 4 villages they want reports showing i followed orders i told this player its okay save yourself knowing it was coming i got a nice glass of scotch to watch the end.

got back to my laptop i noticed support rolling in first 2 then 4 then 20 clicking to see who was saving my ass? it was the player ordered to nuke me supported the village he was ordered to nuke then nuked them with his own troops RUEY where ever you are well done.

beat on but still fighting down to just 3 members no chance of getting out of this mess the evil geani licking her chops she finally has me but to my surprise i am invited to ride support rolling in!! villages in back line are prenobled for me and my new leaders saying lesss time for u to rebuild we got your back. omg the evil ones foiled again. ride puts up one hell of a fight out numbered we fight on.

ride and pita merge again to my surprise pita says lesss get your ass over here geani calls them fools for taking me in the externals pita members welcome me and defend me in game i was never a treated like a outsider i was treated like family sometimes like that crasy cousin we all have but out of sprite of freindship and respect. too everyone that stood up to the cheating lies and general poor sportmanship of gotrob i salute you and thank you for the memories.

best regards and respect to all the hero's and defenders of world 59

lesss p.s.

to geani i think i hear that fat lady singing now
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Would have to say the most fun I had in this world was with the southern group of GotRob.
Rarely had anything to do with Geani (oh thank god) and the rest of GR.
We operated alone of the most part under Appleburger87 and (Kevin) trading blows with PITA in the k65-77 front was always good fun.
Also in the late days of May, Kev and I had a pretty detailed lovers tiff :icon_redface: in the PITA forums which was a great laugh.
Hope you all enjoyed that read :icon_cool:


Cant believe I stumbled upon this! Much love to my CAN crew! My love goes out to all the CAN guys... Thanks for giving the noob a chance :icon_wink:


This was the first world I finished on, albeit with Dirty Dennis,( a bit of altruism on my part), 13 was a great bunch of guys. It amazes me how much this game can teach a person about one's self. I want to especially remember Xanath and Blue-eyed Sandwalker, the MIA Fenrir. Lastly, there is the indomitable Les and Michelyn.

I'm looking forward to playing with y'all in the future. I'm on 63 with Xanath, Blue, and my partner Teh Gow.




I'll shortly be making a monstrously large post containing my thoughts on people, players, and throwing in a few taunts along the way.

If I ever get around to that we've won, no one will really see it :icon_razz:.


Hah, beat you to it Or-el....

Yep, the final curtain has fallen on W59: the evil bitch-cow was defeated and PITA won (in a nutshell).

I’d echo the sentiments of the previous posts, certainly in terms of the shouts out to the characters I’ve met on this world. Some of them have become good friends and I hope to stay in touch with them for a long time to come, maybe even drop in on another world or two. So anyway, I’m gonna leave it with some rankings. The following are just my opinion and it's not entirely based on playing skill, though that's clearly a factor...

Rascal the Cat/Jeor - might be considered the 'little cat' but a huge presence in PITA and deservedly finishing the world rank 1 - Rascal my be a little batty :)P), but Jeor's glare alone has been known to reduce mortals to a quivering jelly-like substance, and 'Pff' has never been uttered with such resounding contempt :)

AxlTheCat - both Axl (who returned to finish things off on Cuparman) and Sean (who filled the void when Axl took an extended catnap); legends…

Tepsudes - great tribemate, tenacious defender, ferocious attacker, and erstwhile creature of the night; virtually held the south east on his own at times - we salute you, Teps…still a nub though :p

eternal love - underrates himself as a player but hugely influential in PITA coming out on top; the driving force behind getting Geanicorn to 100k incoming (whip!)

Zeta35 - played with Zeta through various tribes (NoZZZZ, WM, Tuff and PITA) and it was always a giggle; partial to Australian co-players as a light, afternoon snack

Heero (Chris, Eric, Bas…anyone in Holland who dropped by, really) - not as active as they might have liked, but K34 was a deadlock of mile-high stacks; great to have them around…

The.Robot (Malc) – you want this guy in your vicinity; saved many a vill with his def reserves

Ninja747 - nuked the hell out of everything (even his own tribemates on occasion) but generous with his def too

Name it Lesss (Les/Mich) - a constant thorn in the bitch's side and a terrific double act on skype

Piqnicata (Or-el) - came late to the party on the Piqnicata account, but made a significant contribution; his desire to see the bitch defeated was (almost) unrivalled

BlackRoseShard (Justin)- steered PITA skillfully to endgame; took time off towards the end to start a family with Katlyn :p

JonnyFlame – the rock against which many a GR nuke died in k55/65, and another great tribemate

The.Tool (Lavim/Mike) – another strong presence in the south and Lavim was selfless in taking on tough sits

TheDaiSan - sometimes gives the impression of not even knowing what year it is, but another great tribemate; fond of scout nukes, slippers, and a comfy armchair

old timer 51 - thought these guys were massive turtles, then they unleashed hell on GR in the far south; top players and top guys

Honourable mentions for: Gaelwyn (Envied and ‘Gay’ Dave), Maths Legend (Will and Barb), notanothernoob2 (Akhil, Mav, and the much-missed James), Kilted Saints (Dawso), Fenrir, me@suede, kouki, Hakabs (Wes), and Breakerboijt. And for the tribes CAS, Z!, and Ride, without whom the evil axis powers may well have triumphed.

Shaggy - didn't necessarily see eye to eye with him personally, but once Jamie lost interest GotRob never really recovered; appeared to be the inspiration for most of what GR did well

appleburger 87 (victorious unicorn) - driving force behind the southern group who just wouldn't let up on Tepsudes; we won't mention so much about the VU account ;)

wildgrass –my first real contact with anyone from GR off the back of some forum insults (chuckle); enjoyed playing against this guy more than with some of those in PITA…top man

Golions - we kept knocking this guy down and he'd keep getting back up; respect

gasti2008 - one of the few deleted accounts to make this list; unpopular (known in PITA as Ghastly) but the account was always a threat, and the owner never gave up a villa easily

dmcd1980 - had some personal battles with dmcd, and he was always a tough but gracious opponent

noob on fire -part of the group that gave the NE (including GearHound) such a hard time; really showed her worth after the switch when GR went after her with bells on

humancentipad – another of the northern gang of four who was instrumental in setting up the final play

hodgy77 – another tough northern opponent

Ruey3 - primarily on here for the way she/they dealt with having to attack Lesss...stack him, then nuke the stack:icon_biggrin:

#1 Geani29 – Who else could it be? Poisonous, smug, arrogant, prone to premature and excessive gloating, and a violent shade of purple.The will to defeat this harpy transcended the boundaries of merely ‘winning a game’ and entered the realms of ‘a matter of principle’. A trawl of the W59 forums provides ample evidence that she represents the absolute dregs of humanity, and her departure from TW (apparently) will remain unlamented. Best mail sent to her: 'Don't talk to me again. Ever. Not even if you're dying'. Nuff said.

#2 Geani's Mo.ronic C.ronies - Toxic bunch who consistently mistook unintelligible trash talk and random smilies for humour. Unskilled and utterly unpleasant in the mould of their gargoyle of a figurehead. Must be severely disappointed that their attempts at bullying their way to a world win failed so abjectly, and that on a world which was ideally suited to their tactics.

#3 Tribal baggage - All tribes have them and they're a fact of life in TW. First in line for internals and barb munching, but never around when it's time to participate for the tribe's benefit. Grow fat on easy caps and then drop their sits for weeks on end at the first sign of an incoming - some even have the sheer bare-faced cheek to berate the sitters for not doing a good enough job. A particularly vile example of this species spends an inordinate amount of time crowing about their superlative skills and past record. Likely to leave massive holes in the lines should the shit really hit the fan. You know who you are. Please don't play this game.


And the much-coveted award for Prize Plinker of W59 goes to….(drum roll and audience on tenterhooks)…

Killardan (KH)
A virtual non-entity during the war, he was an instant hit in PITA for his ruthless scrutiny of the forums in a quest to weed out anything he deemed unacceptable; he then displayed the moral fortitude to bleat on about it until someone finally listened. His popularity sky-rocketed as he overtook far more skilled and worthy players to achieve rank 3, attributable to a decent farming script, a glut of high-point barbs, and complete indifference from anyone outside the top 5. Also responsible for a mass exodus from the tribal skype chat due to the highly-evident nature of his personality bypass, his crowning moment was the insistence that an agreement to just STOP BLOODY FARMING (!!!!!!!!) a dead world had potentially deprived him of rank 1, a fact (lol) which he felt would possibly make a nice little profile piece.

Random skype quote in reference to KH : ‘Asshole’

So, an utter tool. Possibly works in insurance or at the inland revenue, where he’s the life and soul of the Christmas bash with anecdotes about his most recent audit of the stationery cupboard. Either that or he’s a proctologist. We came within a whisker of running an OP on him while he was in PITA.

Special’ mentions to: Gixerstu and his delightful campaign maps; Moneymizzle34 for his amazing powers of recovery; Teh Gow for obvious reasons; and then REMF for providing so many unintentional laughs…
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Well it doesn't shock me some folk think of me badly

Simple fact is whatever some players may think a world is in play from the moment it starts to the moment it finishs

Even the fact I agreed not to go any higher in rank well before the world ended wasn't enough for some.

Most players on w59 never had the misfortune to battle me in war but I know a few there have had the pleasure on w37 a world which I won as pancho310 and in which I was a Baron of the winning tribe (hence my willingness to stand down on w59 ranking really not being a major factor for me).

ADS You were not involved in any of my discussions with eternal or rascal as such I'd appreciate it if you'd stopped making a fool of yourself by pretending to know the details as you clearly don't.

On a happier note
My thanks to PITA and CAS Leadership

Texful whose humorous insight in the past few months has kept me from just outright nuking certain players

Appleburger who convinced me to stay on w59 not once but twice

Gixerstu eaglefan breakerbolt and the many many more who accepted my market offers (any farmer who doesnt make use of the market place is missing out imo)

Finally a big thanks to Dan who owns the killardan account and has been kind enough give me equal say in how its run.

I wish you all well in your future endeavours


Well, I'm going to start it...if you read this, that means I finished.

Let's go down the list of players...firstly, those who I respected and enjoyed playing with, then the less notable but still honorable mentions, then the "hall of shame" as Ads put it:

Respected Players

Disclaimer: The players below...well, I wish I was half as good a player as they are. They're the ones I'd learn from and did learn from, and who I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid tribemate in any endeavor.

[spoil]CAN - If you were ever a part of CAN, you have a place in my heart that cannot be matched. As macondude said, you are family and I'll help you anyway I can. We knew we'd never win almost immediately out the gate, but we had more fun than anyone I've ever seen...and still do, in some skype chats. I know, I rule with an iron fist and seem overly serious sometimes...but you guys/gals, I always enjoyed.

Ads121 - I'm going to share one of the memories I remember from way, way back. After taking my account (to tons of untagged incomings, as the previous owner kinda dropped off or something) and losing a cluster or two, I finally managed to get some kind of motivation and stabilize it. What I saw was a PITA in despair. And, naturally, I turned to the guy I saw trying to fix it most, which was Ads. There were talks about disbanding, and this guy was trooping along and doing his best to keep it all together. When all seemed about lost, and I recall (vaguely) even Rascal saying defeat was imminent, I told Ads that I'd step in and start trying to initiate things. He told me he'd do his best to continue, but he couldn't find much motivation as he was burnt out. We started fake of the day, and after about 2 weeks a tribewide op on popsis turned into a massive success. Don't mistake me here, I'm not saying that I was the reason; in reality, it was Ads who I credit the most with this turnaround. He constantly provided me with help, advice, and did his best to motivate the tribe, and PITA would've never turned around without him. Hats off to you, Ads.

With that glowing recommendation out of the way, the other players who deserve extraordinary mentions for the work they put in (some of it behind the scenes, which I was not there to always see):

Rascal the Cat - A fearsome player, a leader who goes from the front...I've never gotten along with you the best, but I have a lot of respect for you and recognize your worth as an organizer, motivator, and player. You accomplished some extraordinary things both here and W16 (both Rascal and Jeor), and it's been a pleasure.

eternal love - Dearie me, I've never seen someone be so persistent in getting fakes out to people, and having ops run. This guy was not only extremely entertaining in skype chats and fun to talk to, he very well understood what to do, always cared about the players he worked with, and put effort into leading the tribe like hardly anyone else you could claim.

The.Robot - The silent killer, you hardly ever needed to speak up in chats; when your name was called for assistance, you were there. Always working and running through enemies, and doing work behind the scenes for the tribe...I don't know how you do it, but bravo, you're an efficiently honed attacker :icon_razz:.

BlackRoseShard - Behind the scenes leading, but always there for a calming word or a smart idea when necessary. I didn't see much of your work, as I came in late, but I know from the others and from experience that you make contributions anywhere you need logically and efficiently.

JonnyFlame - How you managed, with all the work you do and RL things you deal with, I'll never know. You tore through opponents like Ako with ease despite it all, and were around as much as you could without (as far as I could tell) compromising your extremely busy RL. You impressed the hell outta me.

The.Tool - lavim, I'd never known too much about you or seen much of you (or Mike) before PITA. But watching the way you took sits selflessly, gave out support, fought on the're a far better player than I ever gave you credit for in the past, and it's been fun.

AxltheCat - To the original Axl, you made the right choice in moving to PITA. You were looking to win, and CAN quickly stopped caring for that aim. You are, as always, an extraordinary player with a truly fearsome skill level, and I'd never want to have to face you; it'd mean many sleepless nights and a lot of villages lost. Sean, you took over an account with a name that's hard to live up to, and you did the job. Sniping, attacking, you had it all down to a "t" and did a great job throughout the time you were around. I'm glad you joined; anyone else might have had a much harder time of it.

Mich/Les - Mich, you're an extraordinarily kind person. Like, it's rare to meet someone like you who also does a great job of playing and being altogether enjoyable to talk to. Thank you for the help, and thank you for sticking around with your...uh...less than sane co :icon_wink:. Les, I'm going to be perfectly honest and say that you annoyed the crap out of me at first. But once I started to talk to you, I realized you're the most hyperactive, fun tribemate I've come across in quite some time. Honestly, you're so wonderfully unpredictable it's hilarious, and you're always good for both laughter and motivation in the tribe...and let's not forget you annoyed the crap perfectly out of our enemies.[/b]

Zeta35 - Ads...put it better than I ever could. The mere mention of you sitting backwards on a horse always makes me laugh now though, thank you for being the tribe jester...while systematically slaughtering enemies.

GearHound - The original Gearhound, not the Ads I've already praised. That guy's name is still around, and rightly so; he did a great job of fighting for PITA's benefit, and while some saw him as a guy who griped too much, he really did care. His effort helped keep PITA afloat as well.

Kilted Saints/Rasher - The two of you are quite exceptional, always helping out George and I and taking sits, working for the tribe, and doing a great job fighting. It's always fun with you two around, as you know from CAN times, and I felt you deserved a mention :).

Maths Legend - As Barb knows, I value her exceptionally. In-game, she hardly ever had the motivation to attack, but when she was asked to send nukes she did so without hesitation. A lot of people wouldn't have noticed her contributions, but she has been one of the best friends to me around. Anything you think I helped the tribe with comes only as a result of Barb helping me get through rough times so often and out of the goodness of her heart. She'll likely disagree, but that's the honest truth.

wildgrass - You and I have argued, been secretive about our tribes, and otherwise verbally sparred often. Still, I respect you greatly for the effort and skill you have; one of the few players who could take villages off me, albeit only in trickles. You're a funny guy and a good one to have on your side, that's for sure.

appleburger87 - You and GOLIONS...had the best tribal forum conversation I've ever seen. Ever. That was hilarious. I wish you the best, and I'm glad you managed to make the end of this world with us. Always a pleasure.

Dirty Dennis - Man, you and Jonny both had similar problems, but you had a lot more turbulent of a RL at the time. You did great, you helped the tribe immensely, and I can only hope that life's treating you better as it was when we last spoke. You deserve the best.[/spoil]

Honorable Mentions

Disclaimer: I never spoke to you as much as the above, but I know of you and your contributions, and you deserve a mention:

[spoil]old timer 51
Geordie C
noob on fire

Hall of Shame

Disclaimer: It's a lot easier to get on here than the honorable/respected list, so I'll try to keep it short...maybe.

[spoil]dmcd1980 - Idk if it's the same person as before, but way back when, you were a completely annoying and disgusting player. Who knows, maybe you've changed/matured, but I never got along with the original who was far too arrogant for my liking. Whoever is playing now seems to have matured, and is a nice player...who knows.

killardan - I have never seen anyone piss off as many players as you did so quickly, and with so little effort. Whether it's the passive aggressiveness of your profile, your constant attempts to know more than everyone about everything (despite having less knowledge than you think) or the fact that you felt you deserved a higher rank despite being one of the least helpful or important members of the whole war...yeah, you take your pick. Be thankful you weren't kicked in the last minute, or nobled for your behavior.

Kinky N Tough - I tried soooooooo hard to be nice to you. So ridiculously hard. But at a certain point, after spending a bunch of time helping one of the coplayers to get her images to work on her computer, seeing you whine day after day about everything while only minimally contribution to the got the title of plinker by me.

Texfull - You know, generally speaking you're a great guy. Nice, and enjoyable to talk to. But you were way too pushy in the deals leading up to the PITA move in my eyes, and I was not appreciative of you trying to prolong the world any way you could. I got a lot of long skype conversations pasted to me, and that was more than enough...all context included.

blue eyed sandwalker - This isn't so much because I don't like you, but more because I couldn't understand you. Ever. There was a lot of self-talk and gibberish in your posts, and while entertaining it got old.

Gixerstu - I really liked your maps. Unfortunately, that was all I knew about, and it was only something I liked because they made me giggle hysterically.[/spoil]

Yes, geani deserves her own section

Disclaimer: I will not restrain myself here.

[spoil]geani29 - Dear god, where do I even begin with this woman? Well, why don't I start by showcasing a small (and I mean small, I'm not exaggerating here) portion of the quotes that you made about me and others which were subsequently proven wrong as we won this world and you didn't. In bold are some comments, if I made them:

Yes u6, I know which account you play since a while. Wont be your last account you will ruin, I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT

I never forget something and all what I said until now came true

I said lots of things about us rimming big players like teh for example, or like gearh - not rimmed, but you, will be my pleasure to help rim - to les

u6, you lost your acc and dahfuze acc
plus, you are losing your acc you have now in Pita - Nope, kept it and did a fine job, thanks.

u are bragging, clearly :))

told you, this world is not good for you, all you did is loosing your accounts
better play sims or farmville on facebook - Guess what? I beat you, didn't I?

of course, u6 besides offending me and taking this game way too personal (hes not even playing on w59 anymore, LOL) - Yes, I was at this time. Your information sucks...just like you - , likes to brag over few caps on isolated vils :))

And so on, and so forth. I can't even count how many times you told us PITA would lose, that I wouldn't win the world, that no one would put me on an account; guess what, you were wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I sincerely hope I never see you again on this server, because you're not only a disgraceful player and a horrific troll, you're someone whose gameplay I genuinely dislike and who I hope I never have to deal with again. It would take more mental fortitude than I have to read your drivel ever again, and I'd simply be forced to vomit before responding from the pure disgust I feel everytime I see the lies you spew all over the forum (obvious hyperbole). Your actions, selfish and disturbing in every way, only illustrated that you are not a leader anyone should follow, you are not a player who contributes, and you are not a person anyone should ever play alongside if they have the choice. Your reputation can't go low enough on this world, because of the way you dragged this war through the dirt, just like the players you did the same to. I'm thankful you quit as you did, because it only made it that much easier to not see your name around anymore. Thank you, goodbye, and good riddance to the single person who annoyed me most on this world.[/spoil]

And with that, I'm...probably done, I guess. Maybe I'll add more later.


Well W59 was fun. I was sad to see VS go, loved that tribe with it's epic roster and after it died the VU account died too. Only my co-players activity and my seldom check-ups kept it alive, then when I decided to care it was to late to save it.

Of course though, right when I thought I was out Jarl pulls me back in for a second time on W59, in fact on the account I got him on just a few weeks prior to my bashing. It was the best move, because it gave me the seat to lead and know the GotRob Southern group. Sure, we didn't have every player as godly skilled players, and we didn't always get along *cough* texfull *cough* but it was still one of the best groups I have lead. Everybody in the group was essential to the group through their hard work, co-ordination, and determination. We fought against a good front of PITA that was active and constantly exhibiting good defense skills and active attempts at offensive strikes, and we never quit. Twas a fun time.

Special shout-out to our nemesis Tepsudes who held the PITA line as best he could, the challenge any good player wants to face on the other team.

This was supposed to be my last world, but as GOLIONS said after some heartfelt conversing, I have decided to help a brother out with W69, see you nubs there.



[8:11:26 PM] Bunny: i dont have a forum account and if i make one i will use it more then les does
i want to thank everyone in pita and those before that from the 34 tribe
this world was a tough one and just kept getting meaner
the robbers cheating just made this world a must win( i know les felt the same)
les and i made some great friends in pita and it was an honour to play with you all
i have no bad words to say about got rob whats the point i doubt they will read this
big hugs to all who stuck it out to the end and to everyone who had a kind word when i was down or was ranting about my totally insane co player

and to les
you are one of the best men i have ever know and it was a joy (most of the time) to play with you and since you have stalked me into co playing you on other worlds all i can say is your bedtime is still 10 no exceptions and i love you big guy