So Long...

SmeXy Hippo

So it's time for 1984 as a tribe to say goodbye to world 50. It may come as a surprise to many and I thought I'd take the time to explain the reasoning behind it.

I've been running 1984 near enough the start. Back in the good old days the setup used to be Commando (Choccy and Horse) and SmeXy (Myself and Christy) running the show in all aspects of the tribe. Those times playing the tribe wasn't a chore, playing the game to rise through ranking was a great deal of fun. 1984 started as a temporary tribe. The tribe was created by Commando and we had three good friendly accounts playing in it dominating K32. We'd trash everything in our way, taking it upon our selfs to remove tribes just for the hell of it. Eventually we came to realize this was the most fun to be had in Tribal Wars. Friends were dragged from other worlds, while running into friends already here. 1984 decided to be a permanent thing, for the sole reason of having fun.

For a very long time 1984 has been the best place to be in tribal wars. None stop fun, in-game and on Skype pretty much for 2 years now. However we've reached this dreaded stage of waiting it out, dragging your feet to the final stretch to finish the world.

Back in the days of world 50 being fun the top 20 players was a good rock solid bunch of players. But after seeing some accounts reach high ranks you come to realize some things, activity has over taken the need of skill at this stage. I personally am a very completive soul in nearly every aspect in tribal wars (or anything with rankings in). I have no desire to play like I used to on tribal wars, no desire to farm daily, launch daily and so on. So I've come to the conclusion that I no longer wish to play this world if I'm not going to go all out and try to achieve my best. The world has lost all attractiveness to play. We had the opportunity to move into rank #2 when we peaked at rank 3 and didn't want to put effort in using the nobles. Even now SmeXy Hippo could move into rank 3 with a couple of million points clear of #4 but have no desire to do so.

Some of you may be wondering why 1984 must end if it is just my account that is going to be leaving. For the past year and a half 99% of all decisions for 1984 have been made up from me, all but two OPs have been planned by me, putting people in their place if anyone steps out of line. I have basically been running 1984 solo for most of the tribes life. It came to me that if I leave, 1984 finishes when tribe mates came to me and said if my account were ever to leave, 1984 is dead in the water. With Christys presence missing and me not leading things the tribe would fall off the bone.

Therefore I have asked one of our best friends on world 50 to do me a favor. Matt has agreed to accept any willing 1984 members into ODA as a final favor to myself and Christy and we can't thank him enough as well as ODA as a whole. I couldn't leave the world without the best guys in the game having a place to sleep at night. Best of luck to ODA, not that you'll need it.

I'd like to say the final thanks to everyone that has made the world fun for us. I'd love to name everyone but the obvious names would be Choccy, Horse, Alb, Rob, Patti, Wicked, Chris, Liz/Nic, Tom, Dave, Jackie, Rowely, Orsio, Matt... I could keep going on and on so I'll stop. Of course I'd like to thank my enemies too, without you guys we'd be bored to our wits end. And on that note, SmeXy Hippo won't be deleted any time soon and is being watched with 2k nukes ready build, be clever and don't wake a Hippo.

Goodbye Cruel World.
Much Love <3
Dan & Christy.
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I am sorry to see you leave Dan and Christy you guys are amazing players.

I hope you come back to TW one day.

Good luck to you both in real life and keep in touch.

x x x


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thanks for giving me a chance in the tribe, for giving me the chance to have my revenge from School and for tolerating me and my wonderful stats, :p

we ll be intouch

bobby turnip

Much like Dan.. the world has lost all interest for me too.

Much like him, i no longer have the interest to sit at my laptop all day, performing tasks which a macro could carry out, save for filling out the annoying bot protections every 5 minutes, and sniping the occasional train. While i think even George would agree we are evenly matched as far as skills, i have to give him the props for having the motivation i don't.

this was what i put in the skype chat about 2 weeks ago now

[25/06/2012 18:14:54] ツ ROBIANKIS ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶: Hey, guys... i'm bailing. I havent enjoyed w50 in a long time... not really enjoyed it since like jan/feb. The only reasons ive stuck around this long are so i can keep talking to you guys easily, and so i can win a world. I actually thought that the -SOL- war would rekindle my interest in tw slightly... but its done the exact opposite. Playing w50 all day, when i could/should be doing other things just... stupid. Like when i was mopping up the peices after my mom had an op and a pipe burst, i was spending half the time thinking oh shit i hope my online account that has little RL importance doesnt get **CENSORED** while i am lacking time. It's like a bad, hugely time consuming job i dont get paid for... and the whole winning side of things is *meh* for me now. Near enough everything done late game in tw can be done in a macro. There is no variation for me and i'm totally burnt out for a long time regarding late game tw.

I hate bailing in war... but making myself sit infront of something im not enjoying for months just isnt worth it for me, especially when the main reason i wanted to stick around is just to talk to you guys - and i can do that easily enough in other chats or through PM (dan understandably wants me to leave this chat seeing as im not exactly playing anymore). Thats forgetting that a load of the guys ive always enjoyed talking to (christy, tom, nic, paula, choccy, cody, and im sure im forgetting a couple people) arent here so much lately because of varying reasons. Heck even dan isnt around as much as he used to be.

I love you guys but my love for the world is long gone... so.. i will have to just see you around

- Rob <3
That up there pretty much sums it up for me. 1984 has been an incredible experience, and arguably the best tribe to grace w50 with its presence.

There will always be the skype chat. Love you guys, best group of people i've ever been with.

Also expect me to keep trolling these forums.

- Rob <3

*disclaimer: while it says up there i was to leave the chat i was only out for a couple days because Dan decided to dissolve 1984 pretty much right after i said i was quitting, and keep the chat for fun, bringing back all 1984 to it. past and present.


will miss you ingame.... :(
- luv you guys so much -

not really a good bye though.... hate those....
so instead.... talk soon... see you later


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Thank you Dan & Christy <3 for giving us a shelter, train us to hunt for food, and the warm tribesmates.

Does TW have a foursquare on it?
Don't miss out the farewell party and check in @ Smexy Hippo village

-- Love AY, CY & KY --


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Is this also the place to congrat ODA on winning the world? Not sure what it takes to officially win this world.

Congrats ODA! The entire tribe earned their nr1 position (ofcourse including those from 1984).

Smexy (especially Dan), i dont think our personalities match but these congrats are also meant for you. Too bad you couldnt find the energy to make it as duke till the end of the world. From what i have read over here, you were a darn good one.


Is this also the place to congrat ODA on winning the world? Not sure what it takes to officially win this world.

Congrats ODA! The entire tribe earned their nr1 position (ofcourse including those from 1984).

Smexy (especially Dan), i dont think our personalities match but these congrats are also meant for you. Too bad you couldnt find the energy to make it as duke till the end of the world. From what i have read over here, you were a darn good one.

Yep gratz to ODA for winning the most boring world in TW history :icon_wink:

I remember an other tribe over a year ago mass recruiting from all over , after bears disbanded and the whole world started flaming them in the external , END was the name and after all this time the history repeats itself :icon_confused:

With about 40 to 50 active accounts over 10 mil points , got the 30 is "tribal Hugs" in my books , sorry guys , i know u ve been called a family u are all very close to each other, i adore most of u as players and personalities , but thats not how this game is supposed to be played :icon_sad:

The only war that had some potential to be exciting and u ruined the fun by an other merge, like previously the school Vs 1984 again some split 1984 won , the school Vs END , end council got banned , school won. and many more boring and lame wars :)
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So long 1984! I enjoyed you guys' posting on the externals, hopefully some of you will keep trolling here even though you've left the world :)

For those talking about ODA winning:
ODA currently has about 52% dominance according to my calculations. The cutoff for the beginning of endgame is 85% dominance.
The top 2 tribes (ODA and -SOL-) currently have 62% dominance. Once they reach 85% dominance morale and restarts are disabled.


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Cya Smexy... or Gayhippo :icon_wink:
I will always remember the good old K32 tribes we were in. Think we were in a tribe basically named after you if i remember correctly.

Side note... who has my account? Since oda is gonna win... i want my name back if i can please...:icon_confused:


I'll see you 2 on skype. Thanks for bringing me back out of retirement and into probably one of the best and most fun tribes I've been in a long time.


Thanks for the good times. You guys were great.

All the best and talk to you soon on Skype.