so stressed with scripts


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Hey guys its been some time since i played and have desided to have a blast again.

a lot has changed since w50 scripts ect im after a barb shaper and befor you jump on my back 2 days iv been hunting these forums lol.

i understand alot of scripts no longer work because some change or some think but i thought a barb shaper is a basic script pretty much most players would use so it would of been updated.

if you could kindly post a link to a working script that would be great

also any other basic scripts i would use that still work weather its quick bar or bookmark much much appreciated.



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I have a Cascading barb shaper (1 building level at a time, requires more effort sending attacks but is most efficient use of catapults). I havent used in about 2 months, but it did work. I do not have a bulk shaper.

javascript: var custom_order = true;var arrCustomOrder =[ "Wall", "Barracks", "Headquarters", "Smithy", "Farm", "Stable", "Workshop", "Market", "Academy",];function e() {var n = 'barb_pruner', s = '', a = (window.frames.length > 0) ? window.main: window; function c(m) {a.document.body.appendChild(a.document.createTextNode(m)); a.document.body.appendChild(a.document.createElement('br')); } if (a.document.getElementById(n) == null) {c("Creating script entry in doc head..."); var A = a.document.createElement('script'); = n; A.type = 'text/javascript'; A.src = s; a.document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(A); setTimeout(e, 250); return; } if (typeof ( == 'undefined') {c("Loading script..."); setTimeout(e, 200); return; } c("Loaded");, (['spy', 0],['axe', 0],['light', 0]), 1); }e();

Another script that I absolutely love is my Sequential Launch script - can be customized to send any amount and combination of units, and always runs through the coordlist sequentially until it reaches the end, and starts again. Good for nuking, sending support, early world farming.

Note the [X,Y] in front of each unit. this is the control:

Y=0 : send Zero of that unit
Y=1: send ALL minus X of that unit (leaving reserves for snipes/fakes)
Y=2 : send exactly X of that unit

javascript:coords="COORDS";var troops={spear:[0,1],sword:[0,1],axe:[0,1],archer:[0,1],spy:[0,1],light:[0,1],marcher:[0,1],heavy:[0,1],ram:[0,1],catapult:[0,1],snob:[0,0]};function c(){var a=document;if(window.frames.length>0){a=window.main.document}var b=a.createElement("script");b.type="text/javascript";b.src="";a.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(b)}c();

As for script libraries:

.Co.Uk Script Library (most of the common ones, hosted on innogames servers so you know they are safe/legit)

Tsalkapone's New Script Project

Ben/Revoltalution's Library

Spencer(?)/LilGhost's Library

Fodox's Tribalwars Tools (Fake script generator, amazing mass attack planner, coord extractor)

If for some reason you can't find what you need between all of this, respond here and I'll see if I have it stored somewhere.