Society of Assassins


Welcome to the Society of Assassins. We are the takers of the night. We stalk are enemies before we attack. We make friends with the trustworthy allies around us.
We are the Assassins.

I am Grand Master of Assassins Order Shaggy0610. We are recruiting in world 31 for any newcomers to the game or already have game experience. We are a new tribe to tribal wars. And i am the only member in it since i created it. But we are just looking for anyone who wants to have fun and take down villages and allies. There are assassin secrets for the higher ranking.

Please message Shaggy0610 on forums or in game for more information.


This world is closed for joining, so there probably wont be many "newcomers". Also, why would you advertise that you are taking down allies? And secrets! Kan I haz an invite? I like secrets!

Tian Zi

Jesse can we use the new war declare system to scare their members and have a good laugh?