Some people need to grow up

Discussion in 'World 30' started by art-1, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. art-1

    art-1 Guest

    Over night, drift was disbanded. I have invited all former drift members to True Grit. Some have already joined, others may not even know the old tribe has been disbanded. Disbanding a tribe because of conflicts with leadership is childish. If you think disbanding a tribe scores some sort of victory, you are only fooling yourself. If you dont like a duke, a baron or just not happy in a tribe, just leave. Disrupting 40 plus players is a selfish ignorant act. Sometimes I wonder why I still play world 30. Its my home world, my first one. I dont know what the future holds, dont have a clue. However, I will give it 100% effort to regroup DRIFT.
  2. Aubree

    Aubree Guest

    There morons art!!! They have their small group of idiots that are following them and trying there best to break RAM from the inside and when they realized it wasnt happening they decided to disband us yet again. Not gonna work guys, if u put this much effort into your accs then u wouldnt have to worry bout disbanding us and regrouping, u would be a top notch player and wouldnt need us or our tribe to hug! So lame!!!
  3. electricool

    electricool Guest

    This is the, what... Third time this has happened in the world?

    I've learned to accept that disbanding the enemy tribe is a legitimate part of war. The only thing that I dislike is the loss of memories that were in the forums. Fortunately most of DRIFT's forums were shared with RAM, so hopefully it should still be there.

    Did this action merit a thread? Probably not, but don't lament for too long over it.
  4. Cy-Pres

    Cy-Pres Guest

    Again, a classless act and one I don't support in any way. It is, however, interesting that it keeps happening to RAM and family.

    Art, you deserve better. No clue about your tribemates - but you do.
  5. art-1

    art-1 Guest

    Its not just me or the tribe that deserves better, this game itself would be alot more enjoyable to all of us if the drama in game and on the PnP would stop. This isnt just a RAM or DRIFT issue, it affects the entire world when chaos gets started like disbanding tribes. Rumors fly, people jump to conclusions and as the old saying goes, shit happens. I just hope the person responsible for this grows up some day. I know what happened, know who is responsible. But thats not for discussion here, as far as the PnP is concerned, it happened. No need in anymore insults and accusations, the damage is done.
  6. smurks

    smurks Guest

    agreed:\ i could have kicked alomst every member out oif celts but instead being honerable i just left:\ people have no class or heart who do this crap:\ sucks all the fun out of the game:\
  7. r2d3

    r2d3 Contributing Poster

    Sep 12, 2009
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    At least we did not receive the "hijacked" message once more. This was a legit disband. Who set SFC as sitter again ? :lol:

    And I agree with cy. Art is cool. Electrocool :)

    (art for president ! :icon_rolleyes: :lol:)

    Do not get me wrong, I am only trying to cheer you up after this mishap - Xmas is close :)

    robot out :xmas smile:
  8. electricool

    electricool Guest


    That's what you're starting to look like robot.
  9. KarmaX

    KarmaX Still Going Strong

    Sep 18, 2008
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    Yet another futile efforts from the backstabbers.

    BTW, make a new account EC, you're not RL, you're a fake EC. :p
  10. electricool

    electricool Guest

    Do you know the real EC?
  11. r2d3

    r2d3 Contributing Poster

    Sep 12, 2009
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    hmmm. robots have wheels electro :icon_rolleyes:

    (noone is having fun these holy days...)

    ROBOT FOR PRESIDENT ! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2010
  12. smurks

    smurks Guest

    you have my vote r2 lol
  13. Aubree

    Aubree Guest

    This is how it was done. The backstbbing 1 called varden, to bad he was not smart eunff to cover his tracks lmfao.

    [2:02:59 AM] Varden/Luke: can u kcik him from the tribe?
    [2:03:05 AM] Jose Regalado: lol
    [2:03:07 AM] Varden/Luke: and pass the sit to Tywyllwch
    [2:03:11 AM] Jose Regalado: sure
    [2:03:19 AM] Varden/Luke: cheers
    [2:03:21 AM] Jose Regalado: so kick xxxxxx and send hte sit to tywyllwch?
    [2:03:31 AM] Varden/Luke: yes plz
    [2:03:58 AM] Varden/Luke: also
    [2:04:08 AM] Varden/Luke: have u changed pass?
    [2:04:15 AM] Jose Regalado: yeah
    [2:04:21 AM] Varden/Luke: cool
    [2:04:26 AM] Varden/Luke: please disband the tribe

    Nicely done traitor! To bad ur ultimate goal wont be reached.... Lame!
  14. smurks

    smurks Guest

    lol thats why he isnt my friend anymore :\ wonderd why mav deleted me.
  15. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest


    RAM is going for the world record of disbanding. Probably the last thing they can win! :lol:
  16. Aubree

    Aubree Guest

    Um no actually its not ram that is disbanding ram. Its actually escape that is. Both times! And i say that cuz im sure escape had a hand in it the first time as well, just like this time. Remember the word i used its called traitors. Yup sure did and there all in your tribe so um have fun with them! :icon_rolleyes:
  17. angrychuck

    angrychuck Guest

    Man I used to think that it was pretty crafty to get someone into a tribe and gain the trust of its Duke with the only intention to disrupt them. This is a legitimate spy tactic.. However when a party in a tribe either feels that they no longer have the same views or goals as the tribe they are end they should leave and either find a tribe with the same ideals or become a island until such a time that a tribe that fits their fancy arrives this cowardice and what appears to be a self serving act is not that of pure plan but that of someone whose own intentions are to ruin the game for a group that doesn't agreed in whole or part with he or she..

    I wish that if your the maker of a tribe or Duke there was a security catch that would only allow you and only you to disband because this seems to be happening to much in this world..
  18. art-1

    art-1 Guest

    Just for the piece of mind, to whom are you refering as a back stabber?
  19. Aubree

    Aubree Guest

    Ill go out on a limb here and say vard, rchp, tyw (aka vard) and EC.
  20. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    There shouldn't be any T-W-C, KBC, Escape, PMP anymore. It just shows that your tribe is not united.

    I don't consider myself a traitor and I don't consider RCHP or TY or others as traitors at all. They probably wanted RAM to succeed as much as your so called "loyal" followers.

    They just won't jump off the cliff to prove their loyalty when being asked to. Different people, different characters.