Somebody gonna get it!

Discussion in 'W37 General discussion:' started by Disco Biscuit, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. Galaxy65

    Galaxy65 Guest

    That's where the disco comes in. Do a little disco, get a nice workout, no staleness.
  2. doloSnap

    doloSnap Guest

    nobody likes to disco -__-
  3. Galaxy65

    Galaxy65 Guest

    Shhh I will smack yoooh!!
  4. But you sure as hell fear the biscuit!!!
  5. doloSnap

    doloSnap Guest

    haha only if it has jelly on it
  6. Galaxy65

    Galaxy65 Guest

    I dun feer disco biscuit. He iz not proovd skillz yet to meh.
  7. I hope you are mocking them, you are well aware of what I can do :)
  8. MajMcMuffins

    MajMcMuffins Guest

    Yup im aware that you can post and nothing else. Try backing up what you said at first.
  9. Galaxy65

    Galaxy65 Guest

    Cmon Maj, do a little research. He has proved much on this world already.

    Yes Bryan, I be mockin dem :icon_eek:
  10. Stotty2009

    Stotty2009 Still Going Strong

    Aug 5, 2009
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    Anyone learnt who this is in game yet? Been nearly 2 weeks.
  11. lonestar1

    lonestar1 Guest

    Im guessing he still doesnt know
  12. AmishGangsta

    AmishGangsta Guest

    Just another forum account without a face.
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  13. T o b y

    T o b y Guest

    No, I told him not to join. He is on W54 now in a premade.
  14. elrojo

    elrojo Guest

    Generally speaking premades don't do well..................with obvious exceptions!!
  15. T o b y

    T o b y Guest

    That's cool.