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Good stuff Ginge. I remember thinking to myself when I got word that Nibs wanted and NAP after a successful op... "there is no better way to express how screwed they are than to ask for an NAP now".
When you're bleeding around the sharks you really shouldn't begin eating blood thinners.

These are some very weak annunaki lizard peeps. Nibiru isn't sending us their best anymore.


I can honestly say I laughed at the vid, thanks for the shout out lol


Actaully lol you guys came begging for an Op for us


We opt you 2 times and both killed all of your stacks

Getting 20 villages stacked (that being our only front) isn’t hard mate lol. You were stacking villages to 60-70k pop wasiting 20k pop cause it defends weaker lol

Your not very clever are you. How opps were successful, if you were not banned either way we would of rimmed you lol.

1 nuke per village was enough :) that leaves 100s of nukes for anti snipes :)

But Thankyou very much nooby noob :)


sadly in second op ur guys did anti but they lost ;))

see you next worlds and we fight 1 vs 1 and will share result with others c*cky head ;)
Lol I doubt we will see your garbage SOL doing anything significant again on this server. And no one is going to play the nooby gr server. So good luck with that :D

Jeffrey Woods

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Finally REVENGE upon the biggest backstabbers of this Era

Thank you sir, you got a soul. Cobbercab would be proud! <3


Ay yo post a pic of yourself

Bet you look like Mr Bean and Frodo put together
beautiful or rough, thick and thin is not important.
in this life is not the external appearance but the internal. If you have a contrast with your own problem then.
I'm not a composite I've just learned to respect all people without looking at their external appearance.
so it does not matter whether I'm like mr bean or like the frondo.



dont try and insult me then about my appearance?

or will you blame that on someone else too?


but i do like how you try and spin the ball upon me haha thats funny ;D nice try